Unsigned letters won’t hold up in court

by | Jan 6, 2024 | Useful Info


Unsigned letters won’t hold up in court

Unsigned letters etc wont hold in court, the letter is VOID AB INITIO. I used to spend hours rebutting those letters, now i don’t bother. You have to reply but this is what I do if you are game…

1. Big Z the whole page keeping the very top and bottom print cut through inside the Z.

2. at 45 degree angle write the following…

3. Addressee is a deceased estate trust account.

4. Void Ab Initio Document.

5. Do not consent. Do not Accept, Waive all benefits offered.

8. Benefactor Refusal for cause, timely, without dishonour and prejudice.

9. Bill in your possession still valid to settle and close account lawfully.

10. Refer to Bill of Exchange Act 1909 s68 if persisting with dishonouring your Fiduciary Duties.

Add an invoice billing them for your part in the administration / fiduciary duties to administer the Estate Trust Account.

Remember… everything they do, you can do back at them. You are the Authority to Act / Power of attorney on behalf of the Benefactor / Beneficiary.