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Magna Carta 1215 - The Oath & Notices Flow Chart
Magna Carta - The Oath and Notices Flow Chart
Notice Processes
Notice process and actions to take

List of all forms in the BoE section

BoE Rejection Letter 6 – Rejection Letter to Biller

Michael description pleaseHow to use this form Kindly complete the form below, adhering closely to the instructions provided for each field to ensure accuracy. Once finished, submit it, and you will receive an email with a PDF attachment containing the completed form....

Cover Page for Bill of Exchange

BILLS OF EXCHANGE ACT 1909 - SECT 68 Cancellation Where a bill is intentionally cancelled by the holder or his or her agent, and the cancellation is apparent thereon, the bill is discharged. In like manner any party liable on a bill may be discharged by the...

The 3 step notices

Educate yourself with the help of this excellent manual written by Brad Tipton, called "How-to-use-QUANTUM-GRAMMAR-to-remove-ANY-Debt"

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