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How does it work?

The Promissory Note can be forwarded to your creditor in anticipation of settlement and is a method of discharging and or settling debts in commerce.

Is this for Australians only?

The Bills of Exchange United Kingdom allows for the use of BoE to discharge and settle accounts and operates within Commonwealth countries.

However, BoE Geneva allows for Promissory Notes and Bills of Exchange to be used outside the Commonwealth.

What kind of bills can I pay with this?

Any debt incurred, obligation accepted, infringement accepted, or invoice for goods or services accepted can be settled by use of a Promissory Note.

How am I going to know that my bill is discharged?

The issuing and delivery of the Promissory Note has the effect of offering a settlement to the creditor. The obligation now rests with the creditor either to accept or reject your offer. If you do not receive written rejection of your offer before date and time of settlement, then the failure of the creditor to attend settlement at the appointed date, place and time affords you the option of tendering settlement.

By tendering settlement (attending) you have established you were ready, willing and able to settle the matter but the creditor failed to attend.

This has the effect of a default by the creditor which can void the contract obligation.

Can I see a sample of the promissory note?

What is the exact procedure I have to follow?

  1. Complete the Promissory Note.
  2. Deliver the Promissory Note.
  3. Attend settlement. If the creditor has failed to attend settlement then do step 4.
  4. Send a letter to the creditor notifying them that you attended settlement and their failure to attend vitiates the agreement.

Useful information for you regarding BoE and Promissory Notes

We suggest you arm yourself with a little more knowledge, so you understand how this is set in law. Read or download the (Cth) Statute Supporting BoE & Promissory Note here.

Let’s start the process

Complete the form below and strictly adhere to the provided instructions. Pay attention to dates e.g. expiry date, a settlement date which of course has to be before that and allow time for mail time to the biller.

When you submit the form and make payment, you will receive an email with a PDF attachment which is your Promissory Note.

Print it out, create a copy for yourself. Make sure you understand how to autograph the Promissory Note.

Send the original to the biller (if you want to make sure that you have proof, send it via registered mail) asap.

Your job is done.

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