Use this Form to change the service providers account database details so they don’t recognise you as the CAPITAL NAME addressee, and only as the Authority to Act, Power of Attorney, Agent, Executor, the third party is administering the trust account. Remember: you need them to acknowledge you are not the CAPITAL NAME (trust) and only as the Benefactor, Beneficiary who has assigned a third party(Public) to administer for you so you remain private.

Your BIRTH CERTIFICATE has two dates on it…

  1. Date of Birth (infant) and
  2. BC Registration Date (Agent).

You wear two hats at the same time, Infant is Private, the Agent is Public.

Your given names are the Estates & BC Rego Date, the SURNAME is the Trust & D.O.B.

When identifying yourself as the Agent, use the last given middle name only (if more than one) – you don’t have a surname. If you have no middle name, use your First name only – you don’t have a surname.

Summary: You have to be in two minds and stay on point, alert, always ask questions if Service provider calls to confirm with Agent that they agreed to be Agent for the Account Addressee (Trustee) she is being deceptive making out you are the Trustee. Stay on point, be clear who you are in their fantasia of BS.

They will always call/contact the Account Details first, don’t get caught out joinder to the account NAME, make sure you correct them every time when they call you Mr, Mrs full name with SURNAME etc. Always talk as third person like a lawyer who speaks on behalf of his client who is mute, deaf and dumb.

Only give the Middle Name and if asked for your residential address (never say residential). Say: C/- Secured Party, street, town and state (no postcode you don’t know it).

If they get too personal to trip you up, use the go to line: “is this an information privacy request? That information you seek is private information and protected under the Privacy Act 1988”. For fun… ask her for the same full details and listen to the reaction. Proof Privacy Act is very powerful if hiding behind it.

How to use this form

Kindly complete the form below, adhering closely to the instructions provided for each field to ensure accuracy. Once finished, submit it, and you will receive an email with a PDF attachment containing the completed form. Print the required number of copies, autograph / sign them, or arrange for autographs/ signatures, and dispatch them via registered post for optimal processing.

All the Bill of Exchange forms have been updated to accomodate members and non-members of the Royal Registry de Jure.

Changed Legal Status Letter

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Details of Corporation / Trustee

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