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General Educational Tidbits

BoE Legal reply if non acceptance and considering Litigation

Can you think of a way to utilise the PN so that every case is a Litigation matter. They did default on the settlement day and they persist with demanding money with menace ignoring s48 of the BoE & UCC3-603. If a simple claim can be made against the non acceptance and their persistent claims of monies still over due afterwards?

We give them a BoE  or PN… that should discharge the debt.. so you’re right there.

They ignore and continue sending demands,  that’s a trespass but one wonders what if any damages the courts will award so suing might cost more than we get…


If i give a creditor a cheque or request for settlement and they don’t accept then what claim do they have against me… where does it essay in the alleged agreement between them and me that i have to pay them in one manner or another and where do we lose our ability to call for settlement..  that’s the legal issue..

PS we think you’re correct in your view that an offer to pay rejected vitiates the debt.. also is an offer to pay the full amount a CALDER V BANK  offer… If yes then suing you for a debt less than 10,000 will cost them money.

Water cut off threat

Does same apply with water bills, as they now threaten to put caveat on home if I don’t pay them?

yes… your trust belongs to their registry not ours… so your trust must comply with the rules  of their registry..

It’s called Trust  Law and it’s the same throughout the world… The objective of your registration is to now have assets accumulated in your living name and same for your children… also your rights are automatically reinstated … so going forward you’re safe,,, but that which belongs to the trust must obey the trust..

Trespass result for Sanchia suing a cop for standing on her property

I see the $18k remedy as a very small win and almost a finger in the face. I was of the understanding that trespass can come with $400k-$600k fines. 

Depends on the damages proved.

It is also interesting that the court suggested the following:

While the High Court of Australia further ruled in 2008’s Kuru versus the State of New South Wales that “police officers have no special rights to enter land, except in cases provided for by the common law and by statute”.

How does Statute have any bearing against Common Law Rights? Its completely different Jurisdiction is it not?  

Correct… the court means, either there is a common law right or there is a statue right.. they are not saying there is a statute right, they are just saying  if  there is a statute right then ok… 

I had/have 3 No Trespass signs up on my property and you can see the Police reading the signs and Council had also read it and then looked at each other laughed and waked right on into my place suggesting their warrant overrides my notice and my signs meant nothing to them.  

Yes,  a warrant is a statute right… but the warrant can only be effective on corporate land… not common land or land in fee simply owned by a living man woman or  registered company…

Discharging a debt, how?

Q: Would like to thank you for the help to us the people – Commonwealth, keep up the excellent work !!! .
Can you explain or guide me to the process of how, for instance discharging a invoice, say it’s a small company that is not govcorp what are the steps they have to take to balance it out ???

A: Discharging a debt is done via a discharge document or a bill of exchange or a promissory note… they all work depending on the circumstances.

How is the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 ours when no one is honouring it?

Read it and draw your own conclusion. In law, it is what the Act, which is Royal Assented for the Commonwealth, says.

The ‘Preamble’ states that we, the people, are the Commonwealth, all united as one, protected by the Royal Crown and Common Law of England. We, the people on the land, not the persons, are the superior jurisdiction above all others as God’s creations—men and women—on the land (because we are not fish, pirates, nor slaves to corporations operating in maritime law = UCC).

The Preamble is for we, the people, placed in the highest authority as assented, ordered by the Royal Crown. The rest of it is the operations manual for the civil service who need to follow it to the letter; otherwise, they commit offenses against we, the people, and treason against the Royal Crown.

Pursuant to the Crimes Act 1914 Cth section 13 and 8, it proves the power we have above all non-Commonwealth and Commonwealth servants.

What we have today is corruption, fraud, treason, mass murder, and genocide going feral without accountability because the blueline doesn’t exist. The police are not ours; they are State Government thugs, militia, road pirates, policy enforcers. Refer to Crown Proceedings Act 1958 s23.

How to pay with a Promissory Note

The promissory note you sign has the same value as CASH

Affidavit of Repudiation

Steps to Take Before Using a Promissory Note (PN)

Option One: Return to Sender (RTS) Unopened

  • For any mail you receive that you don’t want to pay out of pocket, use RTS unopened with LiP RTS labels.

Option Two: Handle Opened Mail

  • If you open the mail, you own it and must deal with it as the agent for the trust name stated as the addressee.

BoE Remittance or BoE Endorsement & Bank Method

  1. Cover Page & RTS: Use a Bill of Exchange (BoE) remittance or endorsement along with a cover page, then RTS.
  2. Stupid Letters: If you receive a nonsensical letter, either RTS Unclaimed or, if opened, mark a big “Z” on every page and send it back.

Reminder Notices

  • 30 Days Later: If a reminder notice arrives ignoring your first bill return, use BoE again, following the initial step, and include a cover letter.
  • Repeat Steps: Continue to repeat the steps if you receive additional nonsensical letters.

Promissory Note (PN) for Ignored BoEs

  • 60 Days Later: If the last two BoEs are ignored, use a Promissory Note, which is a different method from the BoE and is aimed at resolution.
  • Settlement Day: On settlement day, post the Notice of Tendered Settlement.
  • Proof of Funds: Ensure you can prove on a bank statement that you had the amount available for the PN due. This is crucial as the judge will check this before deciding that the debt is discharged by default.

Promissory Note Specifics

  • The Promissory Note includes a $50 donation as nothing in life is free. This is acceptable under the BoE Act 1909.
  • This $50 donation covers the services you have received up to that point for free.

Litigation and Documentation

  • No Guarantee: Using a PN does not guarantee that GovCorp will stop nor does it guarantee free litigation. You need to be prepared to fund any litigation services.
  • Setup for Fraud: LiP documents are designed to setup the other side for fraud they are committing, such as demanding money with threats, which are trespass offenses. Proper documentation is necessary to warrant a tort suit or civil claim for damages.

Additional Instructions

  • RTS Unclaimed: Use RTS Unclaimed or LiP labels if unopened. If opened, mark a big “Z” on every page as per BoE Bank instructions.
  • Court Summons: If you receive a court summons, mark a big “Z” on it, RTS with an Affidavit of Fact or Abatement Notice, or attend the court day.

Understanding Your Identity

  • Learn who you are. You are not the billed name; they are billing themselves. The “STRAWHAT” is State Government property, so they should be paying the bill for you.

Big Z over every page of rubbish letters received

meaning draw a big Z in either blue or red ink all over the page, covering it with the Z, then…

Write on first page in Blue or Red Ink

Write on every other page in Blue or Red Ink

RTS (Return to Sender) their Rubbish. Nothing more to be said.

Who is the creditor & debtor

I’m starting to understand that when we sign something, it creates credit. Our signature allows an entity to draw on our labour, as represented by our Birth Certificate. The name itself is a giveaway; it’s not a “born” certificate but rather a shipping certificate, with “Birth” hinting at its true nature.

We have accumulated a vast amount of credit simply by living and participating in commerce, and our actual signature generates money or credit. I appreciate how Mary explained this concept in her book, which I will share with you as well. The way you communicate is similar to hers, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you are familiar with her work.

You have found the get out of jail card.

bank assets

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Banks / Mortgages / Money

DO LIENS STOP banks collecting for their MORTGAGES?

QUESTION: I’m watching seminars hosted by a Winston Shrout Kelowna on comprehending bonds and he talks about commercial liens.  
If a commercial lien is placed on these three props under liquidation, is it true that when the props are sold then the holder of the lien pockets the funds and the banks get nothing?
Is this an avenue for us?

ANSWER: no… mtges are first in line… unless the line was placed on the property before the mtge… which is unlikely..  Also in case you were not aware,   your mortgage is not for monies borrowed, it’s for a management contract you signed with the bank… that’s the con.   most of the planet still believes that the bank lends them money.. it does not.. it accesses your own trust account and releases money to you from your trust. .. for that courtesy they charge you a management fee..   INTEREST ! get it?

Police Interference

Stopped by Police

If stopped…. and they ask for name, make sure they id themselves first. Full name, rank, dept, physical address of work place to send a tort suit.

Then provide them your as first family of surname. If they call you Mr, Mrs, Miss correct them, that isn’t your name and repeat your living name. 

They will ask for your address…

I reside at……address. 

Once established you are a living soul named entity and are a residence, (not an owner because you are not, their public trust owns the property), all they hear from your lips is the following….

I do not answer questions as instructed by my litigation lawyer. 

Repeat repeat repeat. No matter what they ask as a question, give them nothing else for an answer.

If they arrest you, kidnap, false incarceration remember, the more trespass harm they do, the bigger the suit is.

This works for non RRDJ members as well.

Servicing a police officer for trespass (taking RRdJ number plates)

If you are a Royal Registry Member and have your car registered with RRdJ, and you find yourself in the situation where a police officer has removed your number plates, please use the following form to issue a letter to the officer. This letter requests the immediate return of your plates and notifies the officer of potential legal consequences from our litigation department should they fail to comply.

Serving police officer for trespass (RRdJ Plates taken)

Your Personal Information

Here you need to enter the strawman version of your name:

Here you need to enter the living man / woman version of your name:

Police Information

Attachments to this letter

Please choose which attachments you will send with this letter, it should be at least the first 2.


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The promissory note you sign has the same value as CASH

Dealing with fines – Returning the demand – Webinar 13th June 2024

Mike and Michael on Cop Stops – Webinar 28th May 2024

Michael and Mike discuss Law vs Lore – Webinar 14th April 2024

Mike & Michael discuss the steps to use Bills of Exchange – Webinar 18th Feb 2024

Michael Rolf has quickly gained a reputation for helping people fight back against the rapacious demands being made by GovCorp. They discuss the steps to settling any debt with a Bill of Exchange.