Notice of Pending Law Suit

Use this letter if the GovCorp is still persisiting with pushback (not excepting your Bill of Exchange). Be ready to take the step of making a statement of claim, tort suit, civil claim for damages under trespass common law in the supreme court. 

How to use this form

Kindly complete the form below, adhering closely to the instructions provided for each field to ensure accuracy. Once finished, submit it, and you will receive an email with a PDF attachment containing the completed form. Print the required number of copies, autograph / sign them, or arrange for autographs/ signatures, and dispatch them via registered post for optimal processing.

All the Bill of Exchange forms have been updated to accomodate members and non-members of the Royal Registry de Jure.

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Notice of Special Appearance by Affidavit

When your FICTIONAL NAME has been summoned to appear in a non-judicial administrative setting, print out the necessary documents and sign them in the presence of a Justice of the Peace (JP). Afterwards, file these documents with the court at least seven days before...

Unmasking DOG-LATIN – The Deceptive Language

DOG-LATIN, often dismissed as a mere linguistic game, reveals itself as a deceptive language with hidden complexity upon closer examination. Initially perceived as a simple rearrangement of English words, DOG-LATIN cunningly disguises its true nature through systematic alterations. By shifting syllables and adding suffixes, it crafts a facade of familiarity while obscuring comprehension for the uninitiated. However, beneath its playful exterior lies a nuanced structure, offering insight into linguistic manipulation and the power of perception. Unmasking DOG-LATIN unveils not only its linguistic intricacies but also the broader implications of deception within communication.

Unsigned letters won’t hold up in court

Unsigned letters etc wont hold in court, the letter is VOID AB INITIO. I used to spend hours rebutting those letters, now i don't bother. You have to reply but this is what I do if you are game... 1. Big Z the whole page keeping the very top and bottom print cut...