How to change over plates from GovCorp to Royal Registry de Jure?

Please note: You need to be registered with RRdJ first before you can add your assets.

  1. Fillout RRDJ AUTO REGISTRATION FORM underneath and donate $100 per plate + $100 Admin. This is a One off for life for that car, Trailer, Plane etc. in your possession/ownership, 
  2. RRDJ will order your plates and they will arrive in the mail at your chosen address.
  3. Once received, replace GOVCORP plates with RRDJ plates and either do the following:

a) Return plates to GOVCORP, sending them together with their form which in most cases you can find online (Cancelling plates).

b) Personally hand in your number plates.

Make sure you have in writing a receipt or printout confirming their is no claim for GOVCORP over your RRDJ private property.


RRdJ Carriage / Automobile Registration

Royal Registry de Jure

Royal Registry de Jure

Carriage / Automobile Registration


Before registering your vehicle with the Royal Registration de Jure, you must be first registered. If you are not registered yet, please download an application form from the Royal Registry de Jure website and then contact a steward in your state to interview you and process your application.

Registering your Vehicle(s)

Please note that each vehicle requires its own application form for registration.

For each vehicle registration, there's a one-time admin fee of $100 and each plate costs $100 per plate.

These fees cover administrative costs and are charged only once. You won't need to pay them again in the following years.

Please note: Royal Registry de Jure will not be notifying any corporate entity of a ‘transfer’ of registration.

Information about you

Information about the vehicle

Plates Required

Please note: Once registration has lapsed / disposed / cancelled.

Royal Registry de Jure will not be notifying any corporate entity of a ‘transfer’ of registration.

Price: $100.00
Price: $100.00
Price: $100.00
Price: $100.00
Price: $100.00
No payment items has been selected yet

Please make sure that you transfer the total payment amount of to our bank account:

Kalotihos as Deputy Steward
BSB: 633 000
Account: 208 821 223
Ref: Your RRDJ number

This information will be included in our confirmation email to you.

We need to recoup the fees incurred by providing a debit/credit card payment facility. Therefore, we will add an additional fee on top of the charges for registration and plates. Thank you for your understanding.