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We are collection questions that have been asked about the Royal Registry de Jure and the benefits of being a member. Please visit the official Royal Registry de Jure website here.

Where are all the application forms?

You need to be registered with the Royal Registry before you can bring all your assets into your RRdJ trust.

  1. Application to become member of the Royal Registry de Jure (download here). Please find a steward to verify your application before you send it to the Royal Registry de Jure.
    Cost: AU$999.00 per person one off fee, children under 18 years of age can be included, partner needs his/her own registration.
  2. Application to register all your vehicles (carriage / automobile / boats etc) with the RRdJ (download here)
    Cost: AU$100.00 per vehicle plus AU$100.00 for each number plate, this is a one off fee and does not need to be paid every year.
  3. Application to register for a Gold Investment Bank Account with the RRdJ (download here)
    Cost: None
  4. Application to register your company with RRdJ (download here)
  5. Application to register your lifestock and pets with RRdJ (download here)



Benefits of being a member of RRdJ

Your Court Script - Repeat each paragraph as required

Ideally make sure you are a RRDJ MEMBER with de Jure Notarised Certificate – use as Prima Facie Evidence.

Just repeat,.. my name is first-middle, a sui juris man, and beneficiary of the CAPITAL NAME summoned here to day. I have the right to remain silent so as not to act as surety and participate in this VOID AB INITIO. Until the name in writing is changed to a living man, i am merely an administrator in this CAPITAL NAME matter.

The administrator summoned will plead guilty to the facts only. However, the beneficiary forgives the administrator.

Until the Summoned CAPITAL NAME is corrected, the Beneficiary and his Authorised Representative, have no obligation to do as this Coram Non Judice demands, implied or stated, nor consent, joinder and act as surety in contract without full disclosure.

However… The Beneficiary will grant access to the Cestui Que Trust with the blessing of the CAPITAL NAMED ENTITY summoned, currently administered under the surety of the Prosecutor, as the TRUSTEE, for the following reason…

The Prosecutor has failed to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.

It is the Wish, Will and Pleasure of the Beneficiary to appoint the Prosecutor as TRUSTEE to negotiate the through-traffic, settle all liens, fines, forfeitures and charges, and return the remainder to the Beneficiary via Cashier’s / Bank Cheque.”

It is the Principal Beneficiary, Wish, Will and Pleasure for the Administrators of this Constructive Trust to perform its Fiducial Duties as required per the Trustee Act 1925 & Crimes Act 1900 No. 40 SECT 4 – Definitions, Trustee means trustee.

When ever they ask a question… you answer… I do not answer questions that may incriminate the honourable Beneficiary, With the Authority to Act on behalf of the Beneficiary, you the Trustees must perform your Fiducial Duties without delay and controversy.

Here is the court script in pdf for you, just download and print:

Court Script

The Crown and Assets

When the crown declares all assets and financials under the crown need to be donated or claimed by the king to fund war or growth as is done with Dukes and duchesses etc, what happens to the assets you have transferred to RRDJ?

Nothing, its private and they know nothing of those assets.

What does registering with RRdJ do for me?

RRDJ is registering you as man & woman living on the land. It means you are not bound by Statutes unlike the STRAW version they claim you are.

RRdJ sets up a de Jure Trust and you can move all STRAW property out of its name and GOVCORP registration and place it in to your de Jure Trust, leaving the STRAW with nothing in its name except for ITS CQV trust.

All fines, forfeitures, licenses etc you consent to deal with will be forced to accept BoE otherwise ignore the junk mail.

There is more to this but this answer generalises the position of you in the RRdJ. If your STRAW name is on the property including land title, then GOVCORP will always take it first before touching the CQV Trust.

On the other hand every benefit offered in STRAW name e.g. Medicare, passport you can still accept as the STRAW because its a benefit unlike a Fine.

Tax and Centerlink Payments

How does tax work, ie centrelink pension vs assets, can the government claim you have offshore assets and not give you pension.

Your STRAW makes nothing in income, it merely collects for your de Jure Trust. Tax is voluntry for Persons however the STRAW benefits go straight to the de Jure Trust for you the man to sustain your life. Non Taxable.

Is the crown not part of the WHO and WEF agenda?

YES… as Incorporated, however there is still an living Royal Crown for Living men & women.

When the crown declares all assets and financials under the crown need to be donated or claimed by the king to fund war or growth as is done with Dukes and Duchesses etc, what happens to the assets you have transferred to RRDJ?

Nothing, its private and they know nothing of those assets.

How do we as RRdJ members issue a proper BOE?

No need. RRdJ members don’t respond to straw mail or bills.

The STRAW owns nothing therefore you can’t get blood out of a stone. While the STRAW has your property, GOVCORP will always steal your stuff before tapping into the BoE.

However, we will rework all the forms on LIP Forms so that they can be used by anyone. We anticipate to have this finished by the end of May 2024.

Your Vehicles at the Royal Registry de Jure



Will the cops pull over the car with private plates?

Possibly – they must have probable cause or at least reasonable suspicion.

You do not communicate with them other than saying the following one liners…

  • I do not answer questions.
  • What crime have I committed?
  • I reserve the right to remain silent, and everything you (cop) do will be used against you with a tort suit, civil claim for damages for Trespass.
  • Without prejudice, under duress (cops armed holdup), i do not accept nor consent to contract, either implied or stated, with all non commonwealth corporate employees whatsoever, and waive all benefits on offer.

Everything they ask, DO NOT SAY NO however…  you conditionally co-operate under duress, all rights reserved, ask for the same information from them so you know who to litigate for trespass.

When coming to a Random Breath Test what do we do?

Present your Trespass Notice and inform them unless they wish to contract to these terms and conditions you are free to go.

They will state Acts and ask you questions, your reply is I DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS. I HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT. If they show aggression, tell them they are being aggressive and under duress I am co-operating in peace… present the RRDJ AUTO registration as Prima Facie evidence… you and the Automobile is not with in his jurisdiction to molest nor hinder your unalienable right to travel in your private property.

What ever you do, stay calm, act like a lamb and everything they do is a law suit if they persist with trespassing upon you.

Remember: you need to only say these things on their body camera. Your address is private your information they seek is protected under the privacy act. Regardless what the oxymoron thinks, you have better knowledge of law than IT does. Dont be fooled by their belligerence.

Personally I do not carry anything with my photo and name on it, like a drivers license anymore. No need. Unless they have a verified complaint (affidavit) and a man or woman witness, victim etc, they have no probable cause to legally stop you. Refer to Case Law Precedent HAMILTON v DPP & REGINA v BANNER.

  • Why are you trespassing upon me?
  • I don’t understand what you are claiming.
  • What crime have i committed?
  • I have the right to remain silent… everything you say & do will be used against you in a Tort Suit, Civil claim for damages for Trespass officer.
  • I do no accept nor consent to contract with you, implied or stated, with all local, state and federal corporate employees whatsoever, waive all benefits on offer.
  • I reserve my rights at all times.
  • Without prejudice & under duress i come peacefully, unlike you declaring war.

They need you to give up your name, address and birthdate… answer: Is that an information privacy request? You are never required to give up private information unless a crime has been committed.

Most of all… repeat above when appropriate and never be aggressive or mouth back, little is more and to your advantage, the onus is on them to prove guilt, it isnt your job to assist them.

Film and record event and report incident to RRDJ LITIGATION for them to respond accordingly.

Cop / Police Stop Info - Download and print a copy

We suggest you download and print copies in case you are being stopped by police so that you can hand this over.

Cop / Police Stop – Information Sheet

Your Bank Account at the Royal Registry de Jure



What are the benefits of having a bank account with RRdJ?

First of all, in order to have a bank account with the RRdJ, you need to be a member of the Royal Registry de Jure.

Click to read all the benefits of having a RRdJ bank account.

How can I draw cash out of the RR bank account?

Please email RRdJ, quoting your RRDJB REF No. instructing the RR to send you a Mastercard Gift Card. Thats the cash.

You can buy gold / silver coins, gold plates notes and the Mastercard can be used to cash out at retailers and FTPOS machines.

Recording my spending through the RRdJ Debit Card?

The debit cards may not have individuals name, however it will still be attached to a visa, mastercard corporation which can be tracked and traced, ie like when the queen and movie stars got publicly found out with canary island accounts.

They are a GIFT CARD, same as a gift card you can buy at retailers like Bunnings, Woolworths etc. Once credit is spent the card is trashed.

Do you accumulate interest on gold with the rise in value?

Gold value is globally adjusted. Your bullion amount is automatically adjusted in value, not amount. It isnt interest bearing.

Is the gold value in retail gold or country base gold from bonds?

Global valued same as every country on the planet. Its real intrinsic value, precise metal valuation, not fiction.

Can we have a joint account?

Each member can have only one personal account. You can allow your partner to use your account if they provide your RRDJB account number. Without this number, deposits you make will be delayed and held before being credited to your account. The same applies to ordering a card with credit on it.

Members can open company bank accounts in addition to their personal accounts. Their cards can be given to anyone they choose, and anyone can deposit into their company bank  account, provided they include the account number in the reference.

I have a few questions before I jump in and transfer 10s of thousands of $$$ over for gold/silver purchase.

1. Who is the bullion company that the metals are being purchased from?  RUSH GOLD

2. Does the private trust receive a certificate of authenticity for the gold/silver purchased?  no… all gold is purchased by the registry and we receive the documents.

3. When the new QFS or what ever system is implemented, what guarantees do we have that the bullion company will still be valid and viable and not just disappear leaving us stranded? none that i am aware of… This is why we recommend the master card system.  Funds are uploaded to your card upon your request.

4. Is the debit card issued able to be topped up or is a new card issued when the original card has used up the first amount on the card? topped up to max $9,999

5. Are we able to see what is remaining on the card at any stage? Yes

6. Are more than 1 card able to be issued?(1 for my wife to use) Yes as many as you like

7. Are statements of the bank deposits able to be issued by RRDJ ? Yes

8. Is there a limit that is allowed to be applied to the card/s? Yes $ 9,999 per card

9. Also nervous about the security of the information and funds to hackers etc.   Who isn’t  🤔

Sorry for all the questions and I’m sure that I will have more, but I cannot rely on trust alone and am nervous moving into an untested/unproven system.   We’ve tested it first and it proved reliable..

Or does RRDJ have a full Information package explaining all the ins and outs of the system.      Asking questions is a sign of intelligence.. answering them is a sign of confidence.. so there.

I am interested in establishing a bank account with you but I have a couple of questions I would like to ask first.

Am I able to withdraw money from the account via any ATM that accepts VISA? yes

Is there an online facility to manage the account and transfer money to other accounts and Crypto exchanges? Yes

How does the provision of gold and silver coins work exactly?  Read below

Do you send physical coins to be used at locations that accept these coins or is it just a gold or silver coin digital amount in the account that can be used in places that accept them? No  ,,  you or someone else deposits fiat currency into your numbered account with us… We buy gold with it for safety, then we issue you with a numbered visa card that is not tracked to you and you spend your money at your discretion..

Also where can I find a list of places that accept these coins?  No coins…. Mastercard/Visa

Just wondering where my number plates are.?  Your request has been received and we are processing your certificate.. once done it will be forwarded to Deputy Steward michael of the house Schulze who will order your plates.. They will be mailed to you directly from the supplier..

Also I needed to ask about your email that was sent to Michael in regards to the police pulling you over? You got the fine and they have stated your new RRDJ plate on the fine. Now will that now be noted on the system that its registered to you your trust and now when you get a speeding ticket from a camera it will get sent to you/your trust directly — No.. it matters not to us where they post the fine… A living soul is under no obligation to pay a corporate fine…   The plates are a means of identification in common Law and nothing else.. Your certificate is the proof of your Proprietorship.. That’s about it…

What they do is totally up to them…

Your Firearms at the Royal Registry de Jure

more to come ...


Your Real Estate at the Royal Registry de Jure

more to come ...


Your Qualifications at the Royal Registry de Jure



Tradesmen - University Certified - TAFE Qualified etc

If any RRDJ Member has a certificate of proof from a CORP Education Institution and prefers / wishes that qualification to be recognised / registered they can apply for a RRDJ University prior learning Certification Qualification, instead of the usual requirement to register with a GOVCORP Association before they can practice their trade, you can do it as a de jure private member instead.

Rather than register with your industry Association, register with RRDJ instead. Any accreditation registered with GOVCORP and also be registered with us.

Indicative Donation: $100 reg + $100 Admin for life.

Email your Govcorp Educational Verification to RRDJ  VIC

Stewards for the Royal Registry de Jure

Please find the list of available authorised representatives (stewards) of Royal Registry de Jure underneath: 

Looking for a steward to process your Royal Registry application?