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Royal Registry de Jure

Welcome to Royal Registry de Jure

Hello, I’m Petra, one of the Stewards of the Royal Registry de Jure, based in Western Australia. As part of my role, I conduct interviews for those seeking registration with the Royal Registry de Jure.

The Royal Registry Dejure is a Records Office of the Crown, it has been re-established in the Commonwealth of Australia in order to facilitate certificates of registration for the purpose of identifying individuals and their chattels.

It holds the power to liberate you, provided you grasp the full extent of this opportunity. Explore the links in the menu below to gain further insights into the Royal Registry de Jure, and once you’re ready, return here to initiate your interview.

Are you interested in connecting with like-minded individuals?

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Application Process

Fountain pen


This is the blank section

Step 1: Download the application form and complete

Download the document here.

One application per applicant.

Complete the questions in the document in handwriting in blue ink (incl . signatures). All the signatures are normal not autographs.

Not enough space?

If you need more space than provided to answer a question f.e. at Estate in Tail, write Annexure A there and create a new document with the title Annexure A and the answer the question underneath.

Repeat in other sections using Annexure B, Annexure C etc.


  1. What is an Absolute Title? It will be the name you are known as subject to the Crown e.g. Firstname-Middlename of the House of “Your Surname” or Firstname-Middlename of the Clan of “Your Surname”.
  2. Define character (spiritual) how you describe yourself?
    – Character/values (Christian, spiritual, moral) imagine the traits a King would look for in admitting a subject to his Kingdom
    – Consider your role in the community (-sport- school-church-volunteering) and your family role (mother-sister-daughter-father-brother-son)
  3. Residential Address your home address (postal)

If you have any other questions, please contact me.

Please note: To register you as a living man or woman, we require your application in written form and blue ink. Online registration is not available for this process.

Once your registration is complete and accepted by the Royal Registry de Jure, you can proceed to process registrations for your motor vehicles, firearms, bank accounts, property, and other matters electronically.

Step 2: Your coat of arms / family crest

You might already have a coat of arms / family crest, you can use that if you like however you are completely free to create your very own one.

There are several websites on the internet that assist you in doing that yourself or will do it for you.

Once you have created your coat of arms, place it on a separate piece of paper (top) and describe underneath the significance of each element on your coat of arms.

Sign the page at the bottom.

Step 3: Obtain a recent passport photo

We will need to have a recent passport photo (taken within the last 6 months) of you adjoining your application. Please make sure you prepare one and take it with you to the interview.

You can take and print your own passport photo, please use this guideline to help you and yes you are allowed to smile.

Step 4: Pay for your registration

Please pay for the registration as a way of gift to the bank details provided in the application form.

Print a copy of the receipt and add it to your application package.

This registration is to register you to the Royal Registry de Jure. It is a one off fee only.

Step 5: Contact me for your interview

Once you have all your documents ready, we will need to conduct an interview. The Royal Registry preferred option is to meet in person. I am residing in the Perth Hills. Of course we understand that this is not always possible so we can also conduct this interview online.

Please contact me and tell me your preferred option to attend the interview.

Checklist before your interview

  • Application Form – filled in using blue ink and hand writing, signed in blue ink with a normal signature at the bottom of each page
  • All annexures you have produced (also sign them on the bottom)
  • Passport photo of you
  • Coat of Arms – printed and all the significant symbols explained
  • Printed confirmation of your bank transfer

Interview in person or online

    All applications require a Steward to witness your registration papers. 

    This is normally done in a person to person interview, however if you are too far away (I reside in the Perth Hills), we can conduct an online interview.

    Contact me to arrange a suitable time for the interview. If we conduct an online interview, I need your registration papers before our interview, so please send all the signed documents unfolded via registered mail (353 x 250 (B4 envelope size)) including an additional unused registered mail envelope (353 x 250 (B4 size)) to:

    Royal Registry de Jure
    :Petra: – Steward
    PO Box 245
    Chidlow WA 6556