Reviewing of forms before publishing

To be reviewed (final)

These forms can be reviewed and rigorously tested. Please send me the edits to the following email: Thank you. Once they have been cleared, I will move them to the Live public page where they become accessible and useable to everyone.

If you test a form, simply ignore the donation section. If there is a set price, you will find a field called “Admin Code”, you can enter WAIVED there to make the payment go away.

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Work in Progress

I am currently working on the following forms:

Abatement Notice

A quick letter can be used for any circumstance to avoid being caught in the position of the trustee when you feel GovCorp has joindered you to the capital name trust account. If you are interested to see an example of this form, please view the following...

Admin code inserted into letter

The admin code inserted into the letter so that it read ‘Drawn by “Trustee/Drawer” in favour of “Admin Code” payable to “Trustee/Drawer”. I wasn’t sure what admin code was or if it was correct being new to this.

Australian Human Rights Commission – Right to self determination

Article 1 of both Covenants | A right of peoples rather than individuals | Self determination and the Australian people | Self determination and Australia's first peoples | International scrutiny | More information | Comments Please visit the website to learn more...

Bill of Exchange

Hi Michael, Maybe useful to include a glossary of terms in instruction section. For those who are a little less savvy. example BoE = Bill of Exchange. In  item 4. Is the term meant to be Indorse?