LIP Rejection – Universal Notice to Evil Doers

NEW TEMPLATE for the Warrior in you. If you couldn’t be bothered with the pesty/annoying series of Reply/Rebut Notices GOVCORP persists with, use this Template. This is to set them up for a Trespass Civil Claim for Damages. This is your first and only warning to them. When they reply to this with threats and demanding money with menace, you file a Writ in to Supreme Court and sue them for Trespass. Writ Form Templates are on your particular Supreme Court State Website.

Please note: Make sure you have a registered post envelope with you, you need to enter the Australia post tracking id here.

How to use this form

Kindly complete the form below, adhering closely to the instructions provided for each field to ensure accuracy. Once finished, submit it, and you will receive an email with a PDF attachment containing the completed form. Print the required number of copies, autograph / sign them, or arrange for autographs/ signatures, and dispatch them via registered post for optimal processing.

All the Bill of Exchange forms have been updated to accomodate members and non-members of the Royal Registry de Jure.

Rejection - Universal Notice to Evil Doers

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