LIP – Frequently Asked Questions

Abatement Notice

Abatement Notice

A quick letter can be used for any circumstance to avoid being caught in the position of the trustee when you feel GovCorp has joindered you to the capital name trust account. If you are interested to see an example of this form, please view the following...

Admin code inserted into letter

The admin code inserted into the letter so that it read ‘Drawn by “Trustee/Drawer” in favour of “Admin Code” payable to “Trustee/Drawer”. I wasn’t sure what admin code was or if it was correct being new to this.

Applicant Interview

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Australian Human Rights Commission – Right to self determination

Article 1 of both Covenants | A right of peoples rather than individuals | Self determination and the Australian people | Self determination and Australia's first peoples | International scrutiny | More information | Comments Please visit the website to learn more...

Bill of Exchange

Hi Michael, Maybe useful to include a glossary of terms in instruction section. For those who are a little less savvy. example BoE = Bill of Exchange. In  item 4. Is the term meant to be Indorse?

BoE Acceptance Cover Letter 1 – Authority to Process Bill of Exchange

BoE Rejection Letter 6 – Rejection Letter to Biller

Michael description pleaseHow to use this form Kindly complete the form below, adhering closely to the instructions provided for each field to ensure accuracy. Once finished, submit it, and you will receive an email with a PDF attachment containing the completed form....

Changed Legal Status Letter

Changed Legal Status Letter

Use this Form to change the service providers account database details so they don't recognise you as the CAPITAL NAME addressee, and only as the Authority to Act, Power of Attorney, Agent, Executor, the third party is administering the trust account. Remember: you...

Clarifying and streamlining

This is new material to digest and get your head around it, the learning curve is steep, so using these forms is like a breath of fresh air, making the process so much easier to execute and understand. Thank you very much.


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BoE Acceptance Cover Letter 1 – Authority to Process Bill of Exchange

Cover Page for Bill of Exchange

BILLS OF EXCHANGE ACT 1909 - SECT 68 Cancellation Where a bill is intentionally cancelled by the holder or his or her agent, and the cancellation is apparent thereon, the bill is discharged. In like manner any party liable on a bill may be discharged by the...

Express Trust Contracts

Express Trust Contracts work both ways. We can "accept" the offer, or we can "not accept" the offer. With one off fines and penalties, once we've already accepted a previous contract offer using an ETC BoE we can choose to not accept future related offers. Send back...

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule - This Notice / Affidavit is free. This Prima Facie notice/evidence is free, and further correspondence from Corporate Government Employees/Agents, demanding money with menace and threat with enforcement will attract Fees/Charges/Invoice for the...

Great form

It was so easy to use this form, it made my life so much easier being helped through the process

Lawcodes (NSW)

The Lawcodes database, maintained by the Judicial Commission of New South Wales, provides unique codes based on legislation for all New South Wales offences and Commonwealth offences dealt with in New South Wales. The provision and use of these codes enables New South...

LIP Bank Account Registration

To ensure that you fully comprehend the rights and responsibilities associated with this private account, kindly review the Terms & Conditions. About LIP Bank - LIP is a: People On The Land Private Trust, Kaitiaki Putea Trust (Banking Arm), Protected by: Section...

Changed Legal Status Letter

LIP Rejection – Universal Notice to Evil Doers

NEW TEMPLATE for the Warrior in you. If you couldn't be bothered with the pesty/annoying series of Reply/Rebut Notices GOVCORP persists with, use this Template. This is to set them up for a Trespass Civil Claim for Damages. This is your first and only warning to them....

Notice of Failure to Honour Bill of Exchange

Notice of Failure to Honour Bill of Exchange

Use this form whenever you need to point out they are not honouring their Fiduciary Duties. It is a universal rebuttal notice so can be used multiple times as an answer to GOVCORP pushback correspondences.  The GOVCORP letters received, you mark with a big Z to cancel...

BoE Acceptance Cover Letter 1 – Authority to Process Bill of Exchange

Notice of Pending Law Suit

Use this letter if the GovCorp is still persisiting with pushback (not excepting your Bill of Exchange). Be ready to take the step of making a statement of claim, tort suit, civil claim for damages under trespass common law in the supreme court. How to use this form...

Notice of Special Appearance by Affidavit

Notice of Special Appearance by Affidavit

When your FICTIONAL NAME has been summoned to appear in a non-judicial administrative setting, print out the necessary documents and sign them in the presence of a Justice of the Peace (JP). Afterwards, file these documents with the court at least seven days before...

Abatement Notice

Notice of Tendered Settlement

After you have sent the Promissory Note and the settlement date has passed, the Recipient of the Promissory Note did not attended the settlement, ideally the day after settlement date this notice should be posted to them. If they respond prior to the settlement date...

Notice of Failure to Honour Bill of Exchange

Null and Void Contracts

EVERY document bearing your wet ink signature/autograph is a contract instrument. If you are "acting" in joinder to a dead legal person, it is a "legal" Admiralty Maritime contract, with a "signature", made in your "public capacity". If you are "doing" as a living man...

Promissory Note – How it works

The Promissory Note may either 1. be drawn against the balance of your share of the Running Balance Account (a.k.a. Treasury Trust Account), being an account held within the Australian Federal Treasury,  As the drawee, much the same as a bank on a cheque...

Changed Legal Status Letter

Promissory Notes – Why $50 is all you donate

Why $50 is all you donateHow does it work? The Promissory Note can be forwarded to your creditor in anticipation of settlement and is a method of discharging and or settling debts in commerce.Is this for Australians only? The Bills of Exchange United Kingdom allows...

Changed Legal Status Letter

Promissory Notes – Why $50 is all you donate – Peoples trust

Why $50 is all you donateLet's start the process Complete the form below and strictly adhere to the provided instructions. Pay attention to dates e.g. expiry date, a settlement date which of course has to be before that and allow time for mail time to the biller. When...

Promissory Notes Webinar

Watch this brilliant webinar about promissory notes. Click here to see the following supporting document for this webinar: Statute Supporting BOE & Promissory Note Simple Court Script for Newbies

RRdJ Carriage Registration

How to change over plates from GovCorp to Royal Registry de Jure? Please note: You need to be registered with RRdJ first before you can add your assets. Fillout RRDJ AUTO REGISTRATION FORM underneath and donate $100 per plate + $100 Admin. This is a One off for life...

Seal 1001 – United States?

I have received my PDF from your brilliant system and note that at the bottom it mentions Seal 1001 and "... the jurisdiction of any department or agency of the United States". I get that this is a very well built system, however aren't clear how an Australian bank...

Service NSW Fine

I was touched by your recent video with Dee. I had some trouble doing speed camera fine. Pretty sure I stuffed it up ): This is the my first. I have parking fine due 08.01.2024 an electricity bill on 02.01.2024 and Telstra bill also I would like to try. Please don’t...

Simple process

I love how simple it is to put your details in the form and voila you have all that you need to send out.

Testing a new add

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The 3 step notices

The 3 step notices

Educate yourself with the help of this excellent manual written by Brad Tipton, called "How-to-use-QUANTUM-GRAMMAR-to-remove-ANY-Debt"

This is great and easy

I was easy to just fill in the form, have it sent to me and I could print and sign it, now I know it is done the best it can be.

Traffic Infringement Notice

This is another approach to show you how such processes work and will tell about the success of using this methods.  This information is for educational purpose only.   Step 1 - Traffic Infringement Received I received this traffic infringement issued on the 6th...

Unmasking DOG-LATIN – The Deceptive Language

Unmasking DOG-LATIN – The Deceptive Language

DOG-LATIN, often dismissed as a mere linguistic game, reveals itself as a deceptive language with hidden complexity upon closer examination. Initially perceived as a simple rearrangement of English words, DOG-LATIN cunningly disguises its true nature through...

Unsigned letters won’t hold up in court

Unsigned letters etc wont hold in court, the letter is VOID AB INITIO. I used to spend hours rebutting those letters, now i don't bother. You have to reply but this is what I do if you are game... 1. Big Z the whole page keeping the very top and bottom print cut...



Welcome to Royal Registry de Jure Hello, I'm Petra, one of the Stewards of the Royal Registry de Jure, based in Western Australia. As part of my role, I conduct interviews for those seeking registration with the Royal Registry de Jure. The Royal Registry Dejure is a...

What is a Bill of Exchange (BoE)?

Imagine a situation where a buyer wants to purchase goods or property from a seller but plans to pay either in full or after six months. In such a scenario, the agreement for this purchase solely involves the buyer and the seller. The involvement of entities like bank...

What is the Royal Registry de Jure?

The Royal Registry de Jure has been re-established in order to facilitate certificates of registration for the purpose of identifying individuals and their chattels. The registry book allows for a permanent record of the individual, their chattels, and all property,...