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Feedback we received

Admin code inserted into letter

The admin code inserted into the letter so that it read ‘Drawn by “Trustee/Drawer” in favour of “Admin Code” payable to “Trustee/Drawer”. I wasn’t sure what admin code was or if it was correct being new to this.

Bill of Exchange

Hi Michael, Maybe useful to include a glossary of terms in instruction section. For those who are a little less savvy. example BoE = Bill of Exchange. In  item 4. Is the term meant to be Indorse?

Clarifying and streamlining

This is new material to digest and get your head around it, the learning curve is steep, so using these forms is like a breath of fresh air, making the process so much easier to execute and understand. Thank you very much.

Great form

It was so easy to use this form, it made my life so much easier being helped through the process

Seal 1001 – United States?

I have received my PDF from your brilliant system and note that at the bottom it mentions Seal 1001 and "... the jurisdiction of any department or agency of the United States". I get that this is a very well built system, however aren't clear how an Australian bank...

Service NSW Fine

I was touched by your recent video with Dee. I had some trouble doing speed camera fine. Pretty sure I stuffed it up ): This is the my first. I have parking fine due 08.01.2024 an electricity bill on 02.01.2024 and Telstra bill also I would like to try. Please don’t...

Simple process

I love how simple it is to put your details in the form and voila you have all that you need to send out.