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Royal Registry de Jure

The Royal Registry de Jure has been re-established in order to facilitate certificates of registration for the purpose of identifying individuals and their chattels. The registry book allows for a permanent record of the individual, their chattels, and all property, including intellectual property.

What is the difference between de jure and de facto?

In law and government, de facto describes practices that exist in reality, even though they are not officially recognized by laws, whereas de jure describes practices that are legally recognized, regardless of whether the practice exists in reality.

What is the de jure rule?

Primary tabs. De jure is the Latin expression for “by law” or “by right” and is used to describe a practice that exists by right or according to law. In contemporary use, the phrase almost always means “as a matter of law.” De jure is often contrasted with de facto.

What is the full meaning of de jure?

what happens according to the law

de jure, legal concept that refers to what happens according to the law, in contrast to de facto (Latin: “from the fact”), which is used to refer to what happens in practice or in reality.

What is the English meaning of de jure?

according to law; by right;

de jure. / (deɪ ˈdʒʊəreɪ) / adverb. according to law; by right; legally: Compare de facto.

What is prima facie meaning?

at first sight

The Latin expression prima facie means “at first sight”, “at first view”, or “based on first impression.” In both civil and criminal law, the term is used to denote that, upon initial examination, a legal claim has sufficient evidence to proceed to trial or judgment. 1 Mar 2024

Royal Registry de Jure (RRDJ) Notary Certificate is Prima Facie in any court.

How do you use de jure in a sentence?

They should take place here, and if they do not happen here in fact, they happen de jure. He would be the person de jure acting as the chargé of authority in respect of that consular office. There is no other country in the world which has been given de jure recognition and not de facto recognition.

What is corpus delicti mean?

body of the crime

Corpus delicti is a common law Latin phrase that translates to “body of the crime.” The phrase generally refers to the principle that no one should be convicted of a crime without sufficient evidence that the crime actually occurred.