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Applications to join the Royal Registry de Jure

You need to be registered with the Royal Registry before you can bring all your assets into your RRdJ Record Office. Please find all applications together with associated costs underneath.

Become a Member of the Royal Registry de Jure (first application, all others depend on this)

Application to become member of the Royal Registry de Jure (download here).

Please find a steward to verify your application before you send it to the Royal Registry de Jure.

Cost: AU$999.00 per person one off fee, children under 18 years of age can be included, partner needs his/her own registration.

Register your vehicles

Application to register all your vehicles (carriage / automobile / boats etc) with the RRdJ (download here)
Cost: AU$100.00 per vehicle plus AU$100.00 for each number plate, this is a one off fee and does not need to be paid every year.

Register for a Gold bank account & debit card

Application to register for a Gold Investment Bank Account with the RRdJ (download here)
Cost: None

Once you have your RRdJ gold bank account certificate you can apply for the anonymous debit card.

Register your company

Application to register your company with RRdJ (download here)
Cost: AU$200

Register your lifestock and pets

Application to register your lifestock and pets with RRdJ (download here)
Cost: AU$100.00 per domestic pet plus AU$100.00 admin fee, AU$100.00 per herd plus AU$100.00 admin fee, this is a one off fee and does not need to be paid every year.

Register your firearms

Application to register your firearms (download here)
Cost: AU$100.00 per item

You and the Royal Registry de Jure

Find answers to commonly asked questions about what the RRdJ is, what it does and how it situates you in this world.

Litigation Request

We have submitted a PN for equipment.  We attended settlement etc and sent the second form as well.  Obviously they have made contact and said they don’t accept the PN but it was a weeks after settlement.  They sent debt collectors to my home and told them I had no contract with them etc.  They have threatened court and ive said “yep no worries”.  But i have not received anything to go to court.

Today, they have contacted my sons work chasing the equipment.  They contacted his boss.  My son is not involved with the loan at all and have no idea how they made contact with his boss.  He is not on any part of the loan and was not a reference check or anything. 

 Do you have any suggestions of what i do with this now.  I don’t want my son implicated with his work with this.

It’s an offence for recovery agents to discuss your affairs with third parties… you can proceed against them if you like..  also you can contact the regulatory body that deals with abuses and report it… but if you have good evidence then a lawsuit might be the best result.

What is the regulatory body that deals with this.  Tonight our neighbour had a phone call asking her if she lived next door to us and ask if she knows me.  She asked what it was about but they just said they can’t discuss details.  She has no idea how they got her phone number.  They said they looked it up but she is unsure how.

What do you call good evidence for a lawsuit?






that’s the minimum..

Can I have a Will added to my File 

How do we go forward with our wills?   

Well,  get a pen and write one up.. type if you have a machine.

Do you supply some Will kit or a template to follow? 

😂😂  will kit,  that’s funny… yes… it’s called a pen and some ink..or a keyboard..

Or do we just have one drawn up for each of us and send you the wet ink copy?  

Sure.. anyway you want… it’s your will..  as long as its legible and witnessed its fine.. we will help you of course with the wording… so don’t stress.

On the registration form for RRdJ Actual Occupation where it states ‘Executor of my estate’ shall I add RRDJ as Executor as once all registration is completed our wills will be held in our trust?

No,   resist the temptation to give away your power… just appoint someone as executor of your estate upon your passing subject to the will.. again we will help with the wording…

Michael stated the we don’t need an actual executor as the trustee will follow our will to the letter.    

See above.

I just want to make sure I get everything filled in correctly.  

Got it… that’s why we help… you shouldn’t do these things alone

Court Summons

This enquiry is to do with my first summons and court hearing which was on Friday 14th. Magistrate didnt allow me to finish speaking when I started my Without prejudice, we reserve all rights to not be compelled etc. Cut me off and threatened to call security on me if I didnt leave his courtroom, so didnt get to state who I was at all, just went straight into my statement that I state on the record that I will sit and observe the remainder of the hearing to ensure you perform your fiduciary duty over the Estate trust summoned as I have a limited special appearance interest.  ok 

He continued to talk over me so not sure if that would have been dictated for the record?  ok

I received a 2 year cancellation of licence and a fine.  no you didnt,   your incorporated trust did… and rightfully so.

So, Michael says I can either appeal or annul or sue him for ex parte, reason of error in law, error in fact. But says I should start with the officer first then work up..what about Fines Vic who have ignored all BoE and letters and actually caused this harm?   

You really have no case but as executor of your incorporated trust you could sue.. but we would have to prove some sort of damage.

Advice would be appreciated.  

My advice is,  stop confusing yourself with your trust… the gov corp folk can only deal with your trust and really have nothing to do with you now… there is no need to be combative unless someone interferes with you… then it’s on like donkey kong…😁

Did you relay lose in court?

I have this other issue… I need to compile a document. When I went to court I wote a letter asking to Dismiss because of the fraud I discovered, however, this all went  badly and I ended up with no fines or record but a 3 year probation , which, this is null and voided due to CQV and now I found out that in 1924 an act that gives parliment, courts and police powers is null and void because there was no proper seal on the act to enforce it, which means they havent actually had any power for 100 years… Anyhow, I’m not sure the best way to put all this into a document asking for full honest disclosure of CQV, resign from trustee, and note that probation is null and voided. Then do I sent to judge, AG and GG. should this all be in a full affidavit? I had already in Feb told the judge must disclose because of cannon 2057, which, was obviously completely ignored no wanting to admit fraud…

Badly for who, govcorp?… You are correct. It’s  a win. The public person got of free which means you the sui juris has as well. 

Stop joindering to the name, it isn’t your responsibility to defend their wordmark property, the person. It isn’t yours to care about.

It’s a win, enjoy the victory, you can sue for trespass.

Means Test

When real estate assets are registered with the RRDJ, can they lawfully be excluded from the assets/means test in relation to the Age Pension?

Yes, everything registered in RRDJ is exclusive from means test because it’s in the living name, not their dead fiction.

Litigation Request

l have just joined RRDJ. l have had a drink driving conviction and have been without a license for nearly 18 months. The disqualification is coming to an end but now they want me to do an interlock device for 12 months. The problem l have is that l am working on a farm and as you can appreciate l have to drive multiple vehicles and it would be impossible to put interlocks in every vehicle. They have two properties 5 hours apart and l have to drive between them both. l get it that drink driving is a serious matter and it is something l am not proud of, but l have been in struggle street since it happened which is also my punishment. l would like to know if you could help me and give me some direction.

The conviction was against your trust and you as the administrator joined with the court and basically agreed to the punishment..  Obviously you didn’t know but there it is…. 

However,   we don’t see a problem in you operating vehicles on private property but once you get out into the public road, the trustee will be onto it and they might enforce the agreement… 

Basically you the living man agreed to a contract with the court and default has ramifications… I’ve agreed to numerous contracts with entities in my lifetime and when one defaulted the offended party usually sought compensation..

Litigation is a go, this is the next step.

Well  it’s clear to us that there is a suit here… so what to do?

If you decide to proceed then you need to know the following

1  it will cost money… 5k deposit and 15% of awarded damages..

2. It will involve you investing time,  speaking to us, giving affidavits, signing documents etc..

3. Patience as the system takes time.. we may not get into a court for months.. 

So now that you know the down side,   what’s your pleasure.

Questions around Royal Registry de Jure

1) I gather from the confidence displayed in the use of BoE and PN’s means that when I’m ready to join RR you would be willing to accept one or the other from me to cover membership and other associated costs?


2) The second refers to transparency. Reading through the RR framework I note that it offers a Gold Trust plus a planned move to establish a private bank and ‘finance’ arm. All of which I believe is FANTASTIC! However, I’m surprised that there isn’t more transparency offered by key people e.g. with the amount of money and other wealth being managed/transacted on behalf of members it’s reasonable to expect that Spiros who appears to be the cornerstone of the entire RR system plus other senior members of the team would provide a Bio/CV to enable prospective RR members can conduct responsible and effective due diligence OR have I missed it?  

If you remember how CBA used to operate before it went CORPORATE, that’s the same operation RRDJ Bank is operating but due to the GOVCORP strangle hold of the financial system we work around that using the same salvage laws they used to free up the property from their STRAW estate and give it to the Member. It has nothing to do with RRDJ, it is not TTDJ Property like GOVCORP behave.

BIO/CV? We are Private men, not Corporation entities. Everyone can google me and Spiros and make their own decision as to whether they want to register or not. The emphasis on transparency to the extent you ask isn’t necessary, the fact its working for those registered members is what matters. Live in Private means what it says. All members are private,, the RR merely acts as Trustee to ensure every members property is protected from GOVCORPs access. 

By taking action removing property from GOVCORPs entity leaving them nothing is what RRDJ is about. Do as the rich do, pay no tax, and property isn’t in the name of the GOVCORP entity. If each member does that, it matters not who operates it because is merely a records office, An office holding private property records for living men and women.

The Gold Investment Account operation has been transparent on the website. Its a trading platform same a Fiat only Gold Backed. The exact operation method is not open for public awareness otherwise its telling GOVCORP how we are doing it. Its not a necessity to be public information and its operation is Private. RRDJ doesnt answer nor is it obligated to operate GOVCORP policy. Its Commonwealth for freeborn people, not Persons. 

Hope this helped.

Changing the STRAWMAN NAME

I’m in your Telegram channel LIP and have been searching (in CQ Training) for anyone who has changed their name (PERSON) in govcorp system by writing to the CEO of BDM to instruct them to change it rather than filling out one of their forms (ie. asking their permission). I thought you may have done it.

Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Don’t bother, it isn’t your name to change – the name belongs to GOVCORP.

Just start using your Christian names only or “the house of Surname”

Royal Registry de Jure Validity

Q: When one registers as a Sovereign man/ woman under the Crown, do we lose any of our rights as a Sovereign under ecclesiastical law?

A: No, in fact, when you register as a Sovereign, you are a man/ woman that is no longer under the jurisdiction of maritime law.  You have unalienable rights belonging to a living man/woman under God and not under any other party, corporation, family, man or woman. 

Q: What happens if we are wronged, which jurisdiction do we fall under?

A: As a Sovereign, you are free from taxes, fines, penalty, rates etc because you are not the person, vessel, strawman that falls under Maritime law.  Any Imperial Law (Any law passed by Royal Assent or is gazetted) still applies to you as a living woman/ man.  Any state law which is inconsistent to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 does not apply to you.  Any state law which is inconsistent with the constitution becomes  invalid.

Q: When we register our assets under this Royal Registry, do the assets belong to the registry owners?

A: No, the registry owners are simply custodians of the registry.  However, the assets registered are registered with you as the owner of the assets under your own family crest.

Q: Who are the owner/s of the registry and do they have ownership of what’s registered within the registry at any time now or in the future?

A: The King is the owner of the registry.  But he is only a custodian of the registry, not the owner of those things, sentients, assets or properties registered within the registry.

Q: Who are the custodians of the royal registry, and do they have ownership of what’s registered within the registry at any time now or in the future?

A: The custodians of the registry are ___________________________________________.  We are just people like yourselves wanting to make a difference in this country. This royal registry was set up to provide people lawful options to provide evidence of their sovereignty.  As we require resources to be able to provide these services, we do need to charge to provide you these services.  We are only custodians of the Royal Registry and do not own anything registered in this Royal Registry.

Q: Can we create our own unique family crest or do we need to follow the family crests past down in history?

A: You can create an entirely new unique family crest.  There is no requirement to use an existing historical family crest.

Q: What happens when 2 brothers have the same family crest and all the assets are registered under the same family crest, how does one differentiate between assets belonging to one brother as compared to the other?

A: Eg. If you have 2 brothers (John and Tim of the family Doe) and each of their families share the same family crest, the assets with registered owners as Tim Doe will belong to Tim Doe and not John Doe.  This is how the assets will be differentiated between 2 families under the same family crest.  In fact, the assets will be registered as owned by a unique sovereign identifier number.  This way, no matter  how large the registry becomes, no 2 sovereigns can own the same asset unless they are partner owners of the asset.

Q: Can anyone put a lien, claim or access the assets under our own family crest? 

A: No man/ woman, corporation, party, government, registry, not even the Crown (the King) can put a lien, claim against or gain access the assets belonging to you.

Q: How does one prove that the certificate we obtain from the Royal Registry is a valid form of document/ certificate/ registration where one can prove one’s Sovereignty? 

A: The certificate you are provided with when you register yourself as a living woman/man is sealed by the King’s seal, as if it was signed by the King himself.  The certificate is a formal declaration that you are recognised as a living man/woman protected as a Commonwealth Subject, and not a dead entity of the fake Commonwealth of Australia (GovCorp).  The certificate states that you are a living woman/ man, a Sovereign, with unalienable rights under God Himself.

Q: If we register as a Sovereign within this Royal Registry, can we ever cancel our registration in future?

A: Yes, you can revoke your declaration as a Sovereign under this Royal Registry at any time. 

Q: Are we able to register again as a Sovereign after we have cancelled our Sovereignty under the Royal Registry.

    A: Yes, you may, however, this would be a costly exercise.  We suggest that once you register as a Sovereign with the Royal Registry, simply stop using the Sovereign documents should you wish to operate as a strawman without cancelling the registration.  Then you can decide when and how you want to apply yourself.

    Q: Can we register our businesses as one belonging to a Sovereign rather than a strawman?  How would this affect the way we do business.

      A: Yes, you may register your business in the Royal Registry as one owned by a Sovereign rather than the strawman.  You are free to conduct business as you wish and are not bound by taxes and penalties that apply to the Corporate structure.

      Q: Are there any Terms and Conditions of the Royal Registry that one must abide by to be able to register our names, properties or assets under this registry? If so, where do we get a copy of these terms and conditions.  If there are no terms and conditions to this Royal Registry currently, could that change in future?

        A: We are working on the terms and conditions of the Royal Registry. 


        There is absolutely no terms and conditions of the Royal Registry.  It acts as a public register of names of those who are Sovereign.  It is a record of who owns what.  There are no other terms and conditions one must abide by.

        Q: Where can I get my own family crest made up?

          A: Find your crest
          Design your own crest

          Q: Where can I get my own vehicle plates?


            I have been summoned to court

            The documents indicate your trust has been summoned to court. If you are the administrator of the trust, you may wish to go to court and say something. Otherwise, you can ignore it.

            However, if you ignore it, there is a risk that government corporation employees may mistake you for your trust and accidentally arrest you.

            So, it’s probably better to turn up. We always do.

            The Myth of the English Monarchy: A Corporate Deception Exposed


            “The last actual monarch of England was Queen Anne, who reigned from 1702 until 1714. She was the last monarch of the House of Stuart and the last English monarch to date who was not also monarch of Scotland.”

            “The people living in these countries have gone on believing in the existence of a King of England sitting on the Throne of England, and as we have seen, there has been considerable investment — Elizabeth II’s entire “for show” Coronation, for example — in continuing this charade for public consumption. However, sometime during the reign of Queen Anne, she became a “Corporate Queen” operating in the jurisdiction of the sea and owing her service to a Legal Fiction, not a living Kingdom populated by men and women.

            People have assumed that it is possible to be both King of England and Scotland, but ‘no man can serve two masters.’ Instead, what appears to have happened is an aberration of Nature and a gross violation of the public’s trust in both England and Scotland, as well as Ireland and Wales later on.

            This counts as one of the longest-running fraud schemes in history and stands as a stunning example of corporate guile employed against the living people who have relied upon what they reasonably believed to be their Christian King or Queen, to protect them and uphold their law. 

            King Charles III and King Charles of Scotland are both ‘legless,’ having either vacated or never occupied the actual thrones of England or Scotland, either one — and it appears that this has been the practice of their predecessors for the past 300 years.”


            “All that aside, trust law is always trust law regardless. The crown is a tool to use against GovCorp. The constitution of 1901 is indissoluble. We are the crown.

            The Commonwealth. Every corporation has a constitution. We have ours from 1901 and they have to obey it until we change it. The living do not cower to corporations.”

            Litigation against an employer for COVID jab enforcement

            Q: Before I submit a litigation form, I would like to know if there’s an opportunity here.

            I recently won my Workers’ Compensation case through the Personal Injury Commission for psychological injury caused by COVID-19 vaccine coercion from my employer. I was awarded backpay, which is great news! However, I still need to address damages. Initially, in 2022, I was diagnosed with a 21% impairment, but the insurer wants to reassess with further doctor reports. My solicitor has scheduled an appointment with our psychologist for August, and I expect the insurer will want their own assessment as well, likely extending into 2025.

            Now, I want to know if I can litigate for trespass against my employer in her personal capacity. Can I do it now, or should I wait for new updated doctor reports?

            A: You can commence litigation at any time. While we sometimes wait for doctors’ reports to be in, it’s not necessary. Proceed when you feel ready. Also, could you please email your court judgment to us? We would like to add it to our website to encourage others. Of course, we will redact your name and details.

            Assessing the Effectiveness and Validity of the Royal Registry: Member Experiences and Future Directions

            Q: I was one of the first RR members. I registered to avoid the ATO, land taxes, council rates, driving infringements, vehicle registrations, etc. However, there has not been any protection from the RR regarding these issues, so I cannot validate the processes to others despite my desire to do so. I still see the RR as a way to free oneself for the moment.

            A: You are now recorded on a third-party registry and have a certificate of registration signed under the seal of the Steward and a notary public. This is sufficient for any Supreme Court. Next steps include opening a bank account and starting to trade like other living members. There is no obligation for you, the living man or woman, to pay taxes unless you choose to donate money to the government corporation. To date, no member of our registry has received a tax request. No gold-backed bank account opened with us has received any assessment request, nor has any member received a fine or a judgment. In short, you are now free to start building a life outside the government corporation system. That is the reason you and your family are members. Soon, we will have our sheriffs and a court for the benefit of the people. The next step is for living people to elect parliament. As for your trust obligations and debts, that is a matter for the administrator of your trust and has nothing to do with you unless you are the administrator.

            Q: We paid 2K over 6 months ago, and one of us has not even received her certification. Mine came in the mail and looks like a very low-standard A4 Word document that a kid could have made.

            A: Yes, it’s true that our documents are low frills, but they are signed under seal and are Supreme Court compliant. It’s similar to writing a will; you can write it on a piece of toilet paper, and it’s still valid if it’s signed and witnessed. Conversely, a gold-plated will written in silver ink and sealed with a kiss is worthless if it’s not ratified. The law was designed for simple, honest people, not just the rich. The government corporation has spent decades conditioning us to believe the opposite. The holy grail that every knight searches for will never be found because they are looking for a cup fit for a god, but Jesus was a carpenter.

            Q: We have also helped with hosting a site, emails, IT, computers, etc. I was about to purchase a card printing machine for IDs and other things, but after hearing that the RR offered no protection, I could not justify doing it.

            A: Your contributions have been invaluable, and we cannot express how much your efforts propelled us during the early period when everyone was against us. From me to you, thank you; we owe you and your team a big one. The problem with listening to hearsay and opinion is the source. Who exactly is this person denouncing the system established centuries ago and ratified by every king and queen since? The common law system is the only system that applies to you while you’re in the Commonwealth.

            Q: I believe that the RR is a good thing, but we need education on the five claims, how they can be validated, and the steps involved.

            A: What five claims are you referring to? Please ensure we do not mix up the claims made by other truthers with those of the registry. We are responsible for the comments on our site and only those. It is in this light that these answers are provided.

            Cheers from Spyridon of Sparta.

            A Royal Subject is a Beneficiary of the CQ Trust

            A Royal Subject is a Beneficiary of the CQ Trust, our existence gives birth to that Public trust to exist. 

            The problem is evildoers usurped us from access and kept it for themselves to gain benefit, to enrich themselves via deception, making us all criminals before proven innocent.

            The system they created to hide their fraudulent practice makes us their slave and them our slave masters by ignorant consent, and mass social acceptance by the ignorant people amongst us. Like sheep.

            Prima Facie evidential fact supercedes all benefit of the doubt and presumption. Until now, no one had hard evidence which is what a Notarised seal is. It is superior to a crown seal. The hand of God notary seals your document stating to every Coram non judice, you are not part of their club nor obligated to do as they say by their legislation, acts, rules, mandates etc.

            In other words if they act dishonourable towards a Royal Subject S3, 4, they are committing offence against the Commonwealth s24, 34, 43, 75 and you hold the superior jurisdiction as section 13 and then s8. All sections refer to  Crimes Act 1914 Cth.

            We are the Commonwealth as per preamble  in the Constitution 1901.

            We the people are the law, not GOVCORP.

            Tips using your RRdJ Certificate

            Summoned to Court!! Present a copy of the Certificate in court and announce the following;

            “I have an interest in this matter, by limited Special Appearance in the capacity of the Beneficiary as this prima facie evidence shows”,

            “Since jurisdiction is attached to the artificial legal person NAME and not a living man or woman, it is a criminal offense committed by the prosecution & its client, who are overly officious in instigating or encouraging prosecution of groundless litigation”.

            “All employees of this coram are on notice to perform its fiduciary duty honourably or it will be answerable for offences against the Commonwealth”. 

            “I order this coram to award financial liquidated compensation to this Royal Subject standing before you,  who is a victim of the Prosecution and its claimant – section 35, Giving false testimony & Section 36,  Fabricating evidence, not limited to the misconduct by everyone concerned in this matter”. Refer to Crimes Act 1914 Cth.

            Use Abatement Notice on Lipforms together with a copy of RRdJ Certificate.

            What can I do with a RRdJ Notarised Certificate?

            When you have a RRDJ Notarised Cert, you are a Royal Subject as far as the Coram non judice is concerned. You can use the Abatement Notice in LIP, attach copy of your cert, send it to the court declining their summons for the Artificial Trust Account Name and stay home ignoring the nonsense.

            Could you please clear up a few concerns we have, now that we have become members of the RRDJ? 

            We received our members’ certificates approximately 15 days ago in a registered mail envelope. Should we expect any further items?

            No, your certificate is the document.

            When we listed all our property in the application, will we be notified when our property has been transferred from govcorp to the RRDJ or are we required to make a separate formal request to have that done?  all our property is debt free and unencumbered. 

            Ok.. each piece of land needs to be transferred separately.. It’s a steady process and we do it step by step… When you’re ready to do the first one just email and I’ll send you the documents one by one..

            We are also under the impression that members will have full support from the Royal Registry when using BoEs, and if rejected after the first notice to a govcorp entity,  it was a simple matter of just forwarding their notice it on the the RRDJ to sort out. Is that correct?  

            Your Stewards are there to assist for the life of your registration and Michael is deputy steward so can most certainly direct and assist on that subject..

            We have applied for RRDJ number plates over 14 days ago, Do you know approximately when we  would expect to receive them?  

            It takes about 5 days to process with plates arriving a few days after that unfortunately we have no record of receiving your request  please see annexure below for request form.

            We also applied for a bank account but have not received any notices regarding when we will be able at access it.

            Similarly we have no record of request for account… Please complete the attached form and I’ll attend  to it personally..

            We were also led to believe members of the RRDJ would have access to a secure email account, software operating system. Is that no longer offered? 

            Yes  it’s called “Alfred”and Michael can guide you on that issue..

            We thank you for all your help and look forward to joining with many more awakened living members. 


            The Nonsense in the media about Spiros

            I’m watching that Spiros Kalotihos is a scammer and selling property on lease which is all lies, can you confirm what I am watching?   

            Unfortunately in my 63 years of life I have attracted my fair share of enemies.

            Of late some of them have been very vocal and really have it in for me.

            Also there are some entrepreneurs out there who are capitalising on my name and generating large number of hits on their sites just by trashing me or even mentioning my name.. its a normal part of business life  and we expected it..

            Finally it’s going to get worse… but on the up side most of the stuff they write is hearsay, innuendo and basically wrong..  here is my brief reply to these slanderous individuals.

            Mainstream media: Current Affair article on TV   

            I owned and operated a development site for almost 10 years with no issue.. then covid scam came along and thousands of businesses like mine got hit hard.  My bank came along and took all my properties..  over 25million worth.  One of these properties had long term tenants which the bank wanted to get rid off to make the site easier to sell.   So the bank, not me, contacted each tenant and negotiated a payout.. which they all took.. One of the tenants  Barbara thought she could get more money in her payout if she called current affair and reported it as a sad sack scam.. she asked me first and i said it wouldn’t work coz they will spin the story to attack me not the bank.. but she decided to proceed and the rest is history.. I know the woman very well and she did a great job turning on the water works and playing the victim but nobody noticed that I lost all my money which exceeded the combined losses of the tenants… I lost millions in the bank takeover. But that doesn’t make a good story.  So a little bit of truth but mostly lies.

            Private attacks..

            These are internet sites and odd individuals and some bots that produce stories and sometimes add my name to spice it up or other times just report on an event that they didn’t have first knowledge of but run with it anyway.. the goal is to attack my character rather than the things im saying or doing..  they don’t speak to me, they just run whatever story they want and wait for my reaction… which they don’t get.

            Career Criminal   well  that’s laughable.. I’ve not been convicted of anything in my life yet according to them I’ve made a career of it…

            So,   the solution was to step back from the registry and let the Deputy Stewards promote and handle the running to avoid ruining the solution due to bad press about me..

            Michael-Rolf contribution to this matter…

            Only a fool believes the media and Govcorp about anything they claim.

            Can RRDJ Represent me in court?

            1. You said you can manage my case, but seeing you mentioned your partly retired are you allowed by them to represent me, and register on their portal as my barrister.

            No, they won’t permit one to appear for you in their system… But you are free to appoint an attorney of your choosing to manage the case… but not represent your Trust in a courtroom.. that you will need to do yourself as the administrator of your trust… Remember you’re not in a case, your trust is…

            2. When do I send you all the documents so we can chat to go over our court plan and how you want to tackle this financial part of the 3 to 4 day case, OR do you register as my barrister and download the documents you need from the portal. MATTER IS SAID TO GO FOR 3 TO 4 DAYS WITH WITNESSES FOR MONEY OWING, AND OUR TESTIMONY AND CROSS EXAMINATION.

            We can appear for your trust

            3. Can I do RRDJ registration of my land (currently in my straw name, loan ONLY in my straw name) or house (building loan in both names, me and Ex),

            If I do this does it protect me?

            No and no and protect you from what?

            How do we do it, does it stop them taking it?


            4. I have to appeal his reasons for dismissing my application to prove his authority and jurisdiction as he has lied and I cannot accept his lies.

            Can you check over the document once I finish it this week, to make sure it’s ok before I send it in.

            We are not sure what your case is… what authority? etc… They are a corporation acting as trustees and your trust is in their system…

            5. In his reasons (I sent you previously) he said I can apply to the high court for his oath?

            Can you direct me how to get a Writ of Mandamus and what is needed, as per his reasons for dismissal. 

            The Writ of Mandamus only applies to civil servants… corporations are not civil servants..

            6. Can you explain how judges can be a corporate judge, when Clause 5 binds everyone together to adhere to the laws of the Constitution, and then HCA10 (1956) backs it up and states no resort can be made to a judicial power unless in or under conformity with s71-80 of The Constitution Act.   

            Corporations have their own constitutions. They are not bound but another. That’s a misunderstanding most people are under… until you get that corporations only comply with UCC and not common Law you and everyone else will continue to beat your heads upon a brick wall…

            Sorry to ask matey, I just need to plan my attack as I will lose my house if I don’t act and have it all sorted. 

            You should reconsider your actions… your logic is flawed.. you’re setting sail on  a leaky ship…patch it up first…

            Cestui Que Vie trust

            The CQV (Cestui Que Vietrust was established at the time of your registration with Births, Deaths, and Marriages. Even though it was created fraudulently and incorrectly, you are, in fact, the creditor or beneficiary of this trust.

            You should not nominate the legal fiction (your strawman or legal person) as the beneficiary of the trust. Instead, you must direct the trustee to discharge any debts using the funds from the trust.

            If the trustee fails to do this, they are exercising their option. If they don’t agree, and you, the living person, do not accept to take on the burden, the trustee remains liable for the debt. In such a case, the creditor (you) may have no other options for discharging the debt through the trust, and the trustee would be responsible for addressing the obligation. If the trustee does not fulfill their duty, they could face legal or financial consequences.

            Litigation through the RRdJ

            I would like to know what it takes to pursue this matter, as well as the pros and cons of doing so.

            – You will win the case and be compensated for your pain and suffering.

            – Cost: There will be initial costs which will put you out of pocket.
            – Time: The process can be time-consuming.
            – Stress: The process may be stressful, especially if you have to appear in court.

            Let me know how you would like to proceed.

            A Will held in RRDJ Trust

            I was talking to Michael about willing assets to family members in the event of death. He mentioned that we should state to whom we are willing the assets in our RRDJ registration.

            Is it possible to add my three children as equal beneficiaries? He also noted that they would need to join RRDJ to claim the assets.

            Unless you have a will stating otherwise, your children will receive the assets in equal shares. This is the current system, but having a will would provide certainty.

            You could file the will with the registry by scanning and sending it to the RRDJ.

            How do we as RRdJ members issue a proper BOE?

            No need. RRdJ members don’t respond to straw mail or bills.

            The STRAW owns nothing therefore you can’t get blood out of a stone. While the STRAW has your property, GOVCORP will always steal your stuff before tapping into the BoE.

            All the BoE forms on the LIP website have now been reviewed and adjusted so that they can be used by RRdJ Members as well as the others.

            Is the crown not part of the WHO and WEF agenda?

            YES… as Incorporated, however there is still a living Royal Crown for Living men & women.

            When the crown declares all assets and financials under the crown need to be donated or claimed by the king to fund war or growth as is done with Dukes and Duchesses etc, what happens to the assets you have transferred to RRDJ?

            Nothing, its private and they know nothing of those assets.

            Tax and Centerlink Payments

            How does tax work, ie centrelink pension vs assets, can the government claim you have offshore assets and not give you pension.

            Your STRAW makes nothing in income, it merely collects for your de Jure Trust. Tax is voluntry for Persons however the STRAW benefits go straight to the de Jure Trust for you the man to sustain your life. Non Taxable.

            What does registering with RRdJ do for me?

            RRDJ is registering you as man & woman living on the land. It means you are not bound by Statutes unlike the STRAW version they claim you are.

            RRdJ sets up a de Jure Trust and you can move all STRAW property out of its name and GOVCORP registration and place it in to your de Jure Trust, leaving the STRAW with nothing in its name except for ITS CQV trust.

            All fines, forfeitures, licenses etc you consent to deal with will be forced to accept BoE otherwise ignore the junk mail.

            There is more to this but this answer generalises the position of you in the RRdJ. If your STRAW name is on the property including land title, then GOVCORP will always take it first before touching the CQV Trust.

            On the other hand every benefit offered in STRAW name e.g. Medicare, passport you can still accept as the STRAW because its a benefit unlike a Fine.

            The Crown and Assets

            When the crown declares all assets and financials under the crown need to be donated or claimed by the king to fund war or growth as is done with Dukes and duchesses etc, what happens to the assets you have transferred to RRDJ?

            Nothing, its private and they know nothing of those assets.

            Your Court Script – Repeat each paragraph as required

            Ideally make sure you are a RRDJ MEMBER with de Jure Notarised Certificate – use as Prima Facie Evidence.

            Just repeat,.. my name is first-middle, a sui juris man, and beneficiary of the CAPITAL NAME summoned here to day. I have the right to remain silent so as not to act as surety and participate in this VOID AB INITIO. Until the name in writing is changed to a living man, i am merely an administrator in this CAPITAL NAME matter.

            The administrator summoned will plead guilty to the facts only. However, the beneficiary forgives the administrator.

            Until the Summoned CAPITAL NAME is corrected, the Beneficiary and his Authorised Representative, have no obligation to do as this Coram Non Judice demands, implied or stated, nor consent, joinder and act as surety in contract without full disclosure.

            However… The Beneficiary will grant access to the Cestui Que Trust with the blessing of the CAPITAL NAMED ENTITY summoned, currently administered under the surety of the Prosecutor, as the TRUSTEE, for the following reason…

            The Prosecutor has failed to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.

            It is the Wish, Will and Pleasure of the Beneficiary to appoint the Prosecutor as TRUSTEE to negotiate the through-traffic, settle all liens, fines, forfeitures and charges, and return the remainder to the Beneficiary via Cashier’s / Bank Cheque.”

            It is the Principal Beneficiary, Wish, Will and Pleasure for the Administrators of this Constructive Trust to perform its Fiducial Duties as required per the Trustee Act 1925 & Crimes Act 1900 No. 40 SECT 4 – Definitions, Trustee means trustee.

            When ever they ask a question… you answer… I do not answer questions that may incriminate the honourable Beneficiary, With the Authority to Act on behalf of the Beneficiary, you the Trustees must perform your Fiducial Duties without delay and controversy.

            Here is the court script in pdf for you, just download and print:

            Court Script

            Once registered where do I stand in regards to Courts etc?

            Watch “ONLY “PERSONS” can be arrested and prosecurted in cours via acts, laws and statutes … really?

            RRdJ Certificate and copies of it

            Make a high-quality copy of the original document (duplicate). Keep the master copy in a safe place. Use the duplicate to print additional copies as needed.

            Do not have it notarised by a Justice of the Peace. It is already notarised with the highest jurisdiction.

            Since when does a corporate notary have more authority than an ecclesiastical one?

            You can use a Change of Legal Status Notice to make them update their records, showing you as the Beneficiary and them as the Trustee by default.

            Benefits of being a member of RRdJ

            Listen to a conversation:

            We are people, or men and women, as referred to in the Constitution and the Bible. Sir Henry Parkes, in his speech to the celebration, spoke of men as people, thousands of people, and hundreds of people. It is important to understand that this is private language, and a court cannot interact with people as we see it (corporations act, interpretation act, etc.). The recognition declared by the notary makes it prima facie for them, so we can live in private.

            About the RRdJ Notary & his Seal


            1. Information about “Natural Persons” can be found at the following link: [Law Admissions Victoria](

            2. Details regarding the appointment of all Queensland Notary Publics by an Archbishop are available on Notary Locator. Refer to this link: [Notary Locator]( This information can also be found by conducting a simple search for “Are Queensland Notary Publics appointed by an Archbishop?” which yields 10 search results.

            3. The LEGALCHOICES UK link indicates that John Walsh has been banned for ten years. The question arises whether the Sir John Walsh mentioned on the seal is the same individual who has been banned. For more information, see the link: [Legal Choices UK](

            Given the above information, which is not difficult to find, and considering that John Walsh is NOT a registered Notary Public (whether as a corporate entity or natural person), as confirmed by [Notary Locator](, we cannot reasonably submit or tender the RRDJ certificate to a court with any expectation of it being recognized or holding any weight. If this information is readily available to us, it would not be difficult for the court or the opposition lawyer to find it. Submitting or tendering the RRDJ certificate could jeopardize our case and bring additional scrutiny to all other aspects of our case. This is a matter of concern.


            There is a difference between information and interpretation.

            For example, notary publics are appointed by the Archbishop, which is precisely who appointed Sir John. Therefore, what authority does a corporate entity have to cancel, rescind, or suspend an appointment made by the Archbishop?

            The common mistake is to accept authority blindly without questioning its source. Only the Archbishop has the power to suspend, rescind, or alter an appointment made by them. This principle applies to all registries.

            Furthermore, why would a living soul attend a corporate courtroom? Surely, this defeats the purpose of registration as a living soul.

            Banking with Royal Registry de Jure

            How do I transfer money into my RRdJ Gold Account?

            To transfer money into your RRdJ Gold Account, please make an electronic transfer to:

            BSB: 633000
            Account Number: 215 560 848

            IMPORTANT: You need to state your RRdJ Bank account number in the reference section; otherwise, we cannot allocate the money into your account.

            Your RRdJ bank account number looks like:

            • RRdJ (Royal Registry de Jure) + B (for bank) + your RRdJ Registration Number, formatted like this: [Example: RRdJB070]

            If your bank supports OSKO payments, the transfer will be instant.

            You can email us anytime to check the balance of your account at

            Isn’t the debit card traceable?

            The card supplied is issued by Mastercard to the registry through a contractual agreement as a numbered card only, without a name. The registry then issues the card to a member, and only the registry knows the member’s identity.

            Members can use their assigned cards without needing to show identification.

            Wages, Centrelink and more

            So, opening a bank account with Royal Registry de Jure (RRDJ) is like an everyday strawman account, except it’s private and not under government control, correct?

            Using our RRDJ Mastercard with no name printed on it means there’s no trace to the strawman and GovCorp.

            Does this account come with a debit card, specifically an EFTPOS debit card, that can be used for deposits?

            It is an EFTPOS Debit Card.

            And when my wages are deposited, can Centrelink access it?

            Centrelink can only deposit money using your RRDJ reference number. Alternatively, you can do what I do: have Centrelink deposit funds into a Westpac account and then transfer (EFT) the money to the RRDJ account to avoid GovCorp tracking.

            I was once detained by police for traveling on the roads without their license and using my own number plates, which resulted in ten months in jail. During that time, I sold my family home and earned interest in the bank.

            You should RRDJ yourself using the Family Crest de Jure Trust, then open an RRDJ account and transfer funds into it so that your strawman doesn’t have access.

            Centrelink claims I owe them money.

            I hope this clarifies the situation: their strawman/public trust owes them money, not you as the royal subject and beneficiary of the public trust.

            I am receiving Centrelink allowance. Could that go into my Royal Registry account without any disruption?

            Yes, as long as they believe it cannot.

            RRdJ Bank Account and Centrelink

            I have asked to register as a living man. One question: would this be the same as having a private foundation? I had my foundation closed at Westpac and now want to open a bank account to deposit earnings from my part-time job. Additionally, I receive an allowance from Centrelink. I would like to understand more about the connection between an RRD account and a STRAWMAN account. I have been watching and reading the Q&A on your website.

            If you open an account with the registry, we purchase gold with it for security and provide you with a private, numbered, anonymous MasterCard for your use. You can then arrange as many deposits into your account as you like. Your funds are always available through your card, or you can email us to arrange a direct deposit. It’s that simple. Throughout this process, your trading remains secured and private, not involving any government corporations.

            What are the fees associated with the account?

            We don’t charge anything for opening accounts for members.

            There is a small fee for providing you with your anonymous mastercard and of course mastercards charge their usual fees for transactions otherwise it’s almost free.

            What is the convertibility fee (slippage) from Fiat to Gold and vice versa when operating the card?

            Free at the moment (End of May 2024), we haven’t worked it out yet due to the interest we have received by card merchants who are desperate to be part of the bank. We will let you know.

            Today we have a Mastercard reloadable card with 9,999 limit. So the gift card is out. The reloadable is done from RRDJ so no card replacement is required. We are trialling it at the moment.

            The card is untraceable, with no name, and if you lose it, we can cancel it and replace it with a new one.  It just gets better every week.

            Eventually it will have an app and operate like govcorp bank eftpos cards so you can monitor balance yourself and buy, sell gold on the go.

            I am interested in establishing a bank account with you

            Am I able to withdraw money from the account via any ATM that accepts VISA? Yes

            Is there an online facility to manage the account and transfer money to other accounts and Crypto exchanges? Soon

            How does the provision of gold and silver coins work exactly?  Read below

            Do you send physical coins to be used at locations that accept these coins or is it just a gold or silver coin digital amount in the account that can be used in places that accept them? No, you or someone else deposits fiat currency into your numbered account with us. We buy gold with it for safety, then we issue you with a numbered visa card that is not tracked to you and you spend your money at your discretion.

            Also where can I find a list of places that accept these coins?  No coins. Mastercard/Visa

            I have a few questions before I jump in and transfer 10s of thousands of $$$ over for gold/silver purchase.

            1. Who is the bullion company that the metals are being purchased from?  RUSH GOLD

            2. Does the private trust receive a certificate of authenticity for the gold/silver purchased?  no… all gold is purchased by the registry and we receive the documents.

            3. When the new QFS or what ever system is implemented, what guarantees do we have that the bullion company will still be valid and viable and not just disappear leaving us stranded? none that i am aware of… This is why we recommend the master card system.  Funds are uploaded to your card upon your request.

            4. Is the debit card issued able to be topped up or is a new card issued when the original card has used up the first amount on the card? topped up to max $9,999

            5. Are we able to see what is remaining on the card at any stage? Yes

            6. Are more than 1 card able to be issued?(1 for my wife to use) Yes as many as you like

            7. Are statements of the bank deposits able to be issued by RRDJ ? Yes

            8. Is there a limit that is allowed to be applied to the card/s? Yes $ 9,999 per card

            9. Also nervous about the security of the information and funds to hackers etc.   Who isn’t  🤔

            Sorry for all the questions and I’m sure that I will have more, but I cannot rely on trust alone and am nervous moving into an untested/unproven system.   We’ve tested it first and it proved reliable..

            Or does RRDJ have a full Information package explaining all the ins and outs of the system.      Asking questions is a sign of intelligence.. answering them is a sign of confidence.. so there.

            Can we have a joint account?

            Each member can have only one personal account. You can allow your partner to use your account if they provide your RRDJB account number. Without this number, deposits you make will be delayed and held before being credited to your account. The same applies to ordering a card with credit on it.

            Members can open company bank accounts in addition to their personal accounts. Their cards can be given to anyone they choose, and anyone can deposit into their company bank  account, provided they include the account number in the reference.

            Is the gold value in retail gold or country base gold from bonds?

            Global valued same as every country on the planet. Its real intrinsic value, precise metal valuation, not fiction.

            Do you accumulate interest on gold with the rise in value?

            Gold value is globally adjusted. Your bullion amount is automatically adjusted in value, not amount. It isn’t interest bearing.

            Recording my spending through the RRdJ Debit Card?

            The debit cards may not have individuals name, however it will still be attached to a visa, mastercard corporation which can be tracked and traced, ie like when the queen and movie stars got publicly found out with canary island accounts.

            They are a GIFT CARD, same as a gift card you can buy at retailers like Bunnings, Woolworths etc. However this cards can be reloaded.

            How can I draw cash out of the RR bank account?

            Please email RRdJ, quoting your RRDJB REF No. instructing the RR to send you a Mastercard Gift Card. Thats the cash.

            You can buy gold / silver coins, gold plates notes and the Mastercard can be used to cash out at retailers and FTPOS machines.

            What are the benefits of having a bank account with RRdJ?

            First of all, in order to have a bank account with the RRdJ, you need to be a member of the Royal Registry de Jure.

            Vehicles registere in Royal Registry de Jure

            To clarify once plates have been received

            Insurance – call and inform them of private plates registered with RRDJ, insure car in name of trust? Eg Jane of the House of Doe ? 

            No register the vehicle in the name of your living soul,  insure it in the name of your corporate  trust;  the vehicle does not need to be registered with anyone to be insured.

            Go to vic roads hand plates in and cancel rego/plates, fill in any forms? Do not destroy vin.   

            No do nothing with vicroads.. what for they are just a registry like us.

            Have copy of rrd rego paper in car and don’t fight pigs with guns  

            Sure have a copy and show the police if stopped.. but that may not prevent them from just taking matters into their own hands.. they are just employees and will do as they are instructed by their master..don’t expect anything different.. if they take the plates or arrest you or take your car then you sue.. there is no other option coz violence will just lead to more violence. we need to win our freedom.. it’s not going to be handed to us on a plate.

            Etag process?  

            Yes,  just go to your etag account and add the rego numbers..  no need to get any more technical.. I did mine in 2 minutes.

            Remember,  you the living soul are the beneficiary of your incorporated trust anyway so it does not remove your rights if you use a bit of both systems..

            Drivers License Use when RRDJ

            If I need my ‘trust licence’ for certain things in the world of commerce for applying for things, do I just use my RRDJ certificate and will it be accepted?

            No,  the identification documents supplied by the gov corp machine are useful to travel in their system.   So use whatever they provide if it suits you.. however, because they are the registry in their  world as we are in ours they make the rules… the lord giveth and the lord taketh away.

            Litigation Request

            l have just joined RRDJ. l have had a drink driving conviction and have been without a license for nearly 18 months. The disqualification is coming to an end but now they want me to do an interlock device for 12 months. The problem l have is that l am working on a farm and as you can appreciate l have to drive multiple vehicles and it would be impossible to put interlocks in every vehicle. They have two properties 5 hours apart and l have to drive between them both. l get it that drink driving is a serious matter and it is something l am not proud of, but l have been in struggle street since it happened which is also my punishment. l would like to know if you could help me and give me some direction.

            The conviction was against your trust and you as the administrator joined with the court and basically agreed to the punishment..  Obviously you didn’t know but there it is…. 

            However,   we don’t see a problem in you operating vehicles on private property but once you get out into the public road, the trustee will be onto it and they might enforce the agreement… 

            Basically you the living man agreed to a contract with the court and default has ramifications… I’ve agreed to numerous contracts with entities in my lifetime and when one defaulted the offended party usually sought compensation..

            Buying a Car as a RRDJ Member from a Corporation

            We have found a car dealer who will sell us a car without GST and on roads and will be road compliant and have the full car warranty.

            They require documentation that exempts us from paying that.

            What does the RRDj have that we can put to them for that exemption?

            Thank you for your help.    

            The registry does not need permission from corporate entities to do anything… We operate in the living relm and can’t really deal with dead entities.. So all you need is a letter from the current owner agreeing to sell the vehicle to you.. There is one catch though.. If the current owner is a Trust then it can only Sell to another trust… and you are not a trust..  so there will need to be some sort of paperwork.

            Cop Stop for Private Plates (not RRDJ Plates)

            Hope all is well I would like to start making claims / sue the courts and the police for stealing my plates and having to go to court over 6 times re my rights travelling in private capacity sect 92, and conviction. Does this not violate my right to travel and common law rights. Every stop is trespass as Michael and theft of plates mentioned in the LIP groups.

            After approaching me with Syrens on, I pulled over and after brief discussion on rights to travel and some questioning, constable Lauchlin Omeilly and his sergeant colleague stole my plates.

            If your plates are not registered then even common law will say you’re operating an unregistered vehicle..  Big deal but that’s just a common sense thing.

            However as for the convictions,  well, there is nothing on the documents that identifies you as the accused, or the convicted… it’s all your trust,  so it is a sort of company debt…

            Cop stop – drivers license

            Resist the temptation to use the incorporated trust name moving forward, except in cases where law enforcement pulls you over. If pulled over, it’s best to remain friendly and say something along these lines:

            “We are Vicki Lea of the House Forrest, a living woman, and have no desire to contract with you. However, as you are armed, and I’m in fear of my life, I will comply with your demands under duress.”

            Then, proceed to show them your driver’s license and any other documents they request. It’s crucial to treat them with respect and caution, acknowledging their authority. Remember, they’re armed, and the priority is to ensure everyone’s safety. You can address any legal concerns later in court.

            Pulled over by cops – litigation request

            I was pulled over by the police at 9 am. They claimed I had no registration, even though I had a Bill of Exchange (BoE). I tried to remain honourable, calm, and civil, but they were not interested. They cuffed me when I refused to answer their questions and initially arrested me for refusing to provide my license. They were planning to take me to the watch house.

            They did not allow me to record the incident and took my phone after I handed over my license under duress. They removed the cuffs after I warned them several times that they were causing me pain. I was not allowed to speak.

            Eventually, I managed to show them my BoE copy, but it was not recognised. The senior officer, who was belligerent, took a copy and mentioned that they knew all about “sovereign citizens.” I was detained for 22 minutes, during which I informed them that my time is worth $1000 per minute and that they were liable. They were not interested and issued tickets.

            It seems the government corporation is feeling the pressure. It’s time to sue. Any advice?

            Sue them. We could use the money.

            Can I register a boat?

            You can use the same form for a boat as you do for an automobile, and make sure to write the description clearly. A boat trailer has one plate, and the boat itself needs vinyl letters, which can be supplied by Bunnings.

            The boat registration markings will need to be removed and replaced with the RRDJ number in the same spot.

            Automobiles with RRdJ number plates having an accident

            If a vehicle is registered with RRdJ and there is an accident and someone is injured. Who covers the medical and other costs. CQV trust???

            CQV trust however assuming your STRAW owns nothing otherwise they will sue it to collect. You can have insurance with your RRDJ AUTOMOBILE to ensure you have backup cover, just in case.

            Some members have a third party insurance with RAA Premium Comprehensive Insurance. Covers up to $5 million if I injure another.

            You might also ask AAMI they seem to insure vehicles and take the number plate.

            Fines when vehicle is registered with RRdJ

            Also I needed to ask about your email that was sent to Michael in regards to the police pulling you over? You got the fine and they have stated your new RRDJ plate on the fine. Now will that now be noted on the system that its registered to you your trust and now when you get a speeding ticket from a camera it will get sent to you/your trust directly.

            No, it matters not to us where they post the fine. A living soul is under no obligation to pay a corporate fine.

            The plates are a means of identification in common Law and nothing else. Your certificate is the proof of your Proprietorship. That’s about it…

            What they do is totally up to them…

            If car is under finance, can the rego plates still be changed to RRDJ plates without effecting the finance contract?

            Yes, you can do that.

            Being stopped by the police – Download and print a copy

            We suggest you download and print copies in case you are being stopped by police so that you can hand this over.

            1. Copy your car registration certificate, keep a picture on your phone
            2. Trespass Notice
            3. Cop / Police Stop – Information Sheet

            Here is how your conversation could go:

            Present your Trespass Notice and inform them unless they wish to contract to these terms and conditions you are free to go.

            They will state Acts and ask you questions, your reply is I DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS. I HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT. If they show aggression, tell them they are being aggressive and under duress I am co-operating in peace… present the RRDJ AUTO registration as Prima Facie evidence… you and the Automobile is not with in his jurisdiction to molest nor hinder your unalienable right to travel in your private property.

            What ever you do, stay calm, act like a lamb and everything they do is a law suit if they persist with trespassing upon you.

            Remember: you need to only say these things on their body camera. Your address is private your information they seek is protected under the privacy act. Regardless what the oxymoron thinks, you have better knowledge of law than IT does. Dont be fooled by their belligerence.

            Personally I do not carry anything with my photo and name on it, like a drivers license anymore. No need. Unless they have a verified complaint (affidavit) and a man or woman witness, victim etc, they have no probable cause to legally stop you. Refer to Case Law Precedent HAMILTON v DPP & REGINA v BANNER.

            • Why are you trespassing upon me?
            • I don’t understand what you are claiming.
            • What crime have i committed?
            • I have the right to remain silent… everything you say & do will be used against you in a Tort Suit, Civil claim for damages for Trespass officer.
            • I do no accept nor consent to contract with you, implied or stated, with all local, state and federal corporate employees whatsoever, waive all benefits on offer.
            • I reserve my rights at all times.
            • Without prejudice & under duress i come peacefully, unlike you declaring war.

            They need you to give up your name, address and birthdate… answer: Is that an information privacy request? You are never required to give up private information unless a crime has been committed.

            Most of all… repeat above when appropriate and never be aggressive or mouth back, little is more and to your advantage, the onus is on them to prove guilt, it isnt your job to assist them.

            Film and record event and report incident to RRDJ LITIGATION for them to respond accordingly.

            When coming to a Random Breath Test what do we do?

            Present your Trespass Notice and inform them unless they wish to contract to these terms and conditions you are free to go.

            They will state Acts and ask you questions, your reply is I DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS. I HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT. If they show aggression, tell them they are being aggressive and under duress I am co-operating in peace… present the RRDJ AUTO registration as Prima Facie evidence… you and the Automobile is not with in his jurisdiction to molest nor hinder your unalienable right to travel in your private property.

            What ever you do, stay calm, act like a lamb and everything they do is a law suit if they persist with trespassing upon you.

            Remember: you need to only say these things on their body camera. Your address is private your information they seek is protected under the privacy act. Regardless what the oxymoron thinks, you have better knowledge of law than IT does. Dont be fooled by their belligerence.

            Personally I do not carry anything with my photo and name on it, like a drivers license anymore. No need. Unless they have a verified complaint (affidavit) and a man or woman witness, victim etc, they have no probable cause to legally stop you. Refer to Case Law Precedent HAMILTON v DPP & REGINA v BANNER.

            • Why are you trespassing upon me?
            • I don’t understand what you are claiming.
            • What crime have i committed?
            • I have the right to remain silent… everything you say & do will be used against you in a Tort Suit, Civil claim for damages for Trespass officer.
            • I do no accept nor consent to contract with you, implied or stated, with all local, state and federal corporate employees whatsoever, waive all benefits on offer.
            • I reserve my rights at all times.
            • Without prejudice & under duress i come peacefully, unlike you declaring war.

            They need you to give up your name, address and birthdate… answer: Is that an information privacy request? You are never required to give up private information unless a crime has been committed.

            Most of all… repeat above when appropriate and never be aggressive or mouth back, little is more and to your advantage, the onus is on them to prove guilt, it isnt your job to assist them.

            Film and record event and report incident to RRDJ LITIGATION for them to respond accordingly.

            Will the cops pull over the car with private plates?

            Possibly – they must have probable cause or at least reasonable suspicion.

            You do not communicate with them other than saying the following one liners…

            • I do not answer questions.
            • What crime have I committed?
            • I reserve the right to remain silent, and everything you (cop) do will be used against you with a tort suit, civil claim for damages for Trespass.
            • Without prejudice, under duress (cops armed holdup), i do not accept nor consent to contract, either implied or stated, with all non commonwealth corporate employees whatsoever, and waive all benefits on offer.

            Everything they ask, DO NOT SAY NO however…  you conditionally co-operate under duress, all rights reserved, ask for the same information from them so you know who to litigate for trespass.

            Mike and Michael on Cop Stops – Webinar 28th May 2024

            How to change over plates from GovCorp to Royal Registry de Jure?

            Please note: You need to be registered with the Royal Registry de Jure first before you can add your assets.

            1. Fillout RRDJ AUTO REGISTRATION FORM and donate $100 per plate + $100 Admin. This is a One off for life for that car, Trailer, Plane etc. in your possession/ownership, 
            2. RRDJ will order your plates and they will arrive in the mail at your chosen address.
            3. Once received, replace GOVCORP plates with RRDJ plates and either do the following:

            a) Return plates to GOVCORP, sending them together with their form which in most cases you can find online (Cancelling plates).

            b) Personally hand in your number plates.

            Make sure you have in writing a receipt or printout confirming their is no claim for GOVCORP over your RRDJ private property.

            Real Estate registered in Royal Registry de Jure

            It’s in progress now: I am currently handling a residential property, a commercial property purchase, and soon a produce farming property.

            As soon as precedent is made, it will be full steam ahead for everyone.

            Every member should have all STRAW property taken away and placed into their RR de Jure Name, leaving the real estate for last.

            Land Property Transfer

            I am in the process of registering with RRdJ through Petra.  great

            I was actually looking at the banking side of things and realised you register property as well. 

            Yes of course.

            The council is getting a bit cranky with my BOEs I have been sending them so I thought I best change things around. 

            That’s because the properties in question are owned by your incorporated trust so not much you can do till we change  that…

            My situation is I have just had a non registered private trust done up with Mark Pytellek from solutions empowerment and was about to transfer the properties from my name into the private trust I had made up. Through the titles office and state revenue in Qld.  

            This is ill conceived… Firstly there will be a stamp duty fee, second the trust can only transfer to another trust and the act of transferring also transfers the obligation..  to fully succeed you need to Buy or acquire  not transfer..  and you can’t do it in their system… You need to refer back to something we  called    OLD LAW  … it was the system used before this Torrens Titles act… still Law just forgotten.. 

            I have 2 properties in Cairns Qld, one is a 1 bedroom no mortgage on it in a multi story building with a body corp.

            The other is a single title with a 3×3 bedroom triplex on it that has a $200000 mortgage on it.

            What would be the best way to do this? Could you tell me more how the RRdj and registering property in it would work and  would there be a difference from the non registered trust

            As long as the non registered trust is in the name of a living soul then it’s fine.. but the dead can’t transfer to the living…  you would need to have a document releasing you from the corporate transfer process… Basically,   the property needs to somehow go from a dead person to a living… 🧐

            What is the process to transfer the titles of property from my name into the RRdj?  

            They’re  not in your name…  the registries job will be to get them into you name… we never own your property, we are a crown registry,  we just record your ownership… it is always your property..

            Would the titles still be held at the titles office? 

            We are the titles of office… the original titles office is gone… hidden in the catacombs… so   de Jure   established another in its place…

            Land Title Transfer and Registration

            Q&A on Property Title Transfer and Registration

            I’m a little more confused than before, thank you. I still don’t understand.

            No worries, let’s clarify. You already have a copy of your Title Certificate for your property held in Fee Simple, correct?

            Yes, your step 3. However, the copy I have is for a property registered to a trust. Your trust is owned by the trust, not you.

            That’s right. If you wish to agree to a transfer of your property registration records to our office of records (step 1), the transfer of land (step 2) refers to the registration record of such Title. The Land Transfer Act requires us to complete a document that evidences the transfer of ownership from your trust to you. Essentially, the land is a trust asset, and you want it to become your personal asset. If that’s correct, then we need to document it and ensure our paperwork complies with the act — it’s a simple conveyance.

            What documentation is obtained resulting from a completed official registration record transfer?

            You will receive a duplicate certificate of title with your name on it. That’s what the crown requires.

            Is there an official recognition from the GovCo department that currently maintains their own land titles record?

            No, they just opened a registry one day and tricked almost everyone into registering with them. It’s pretty simple.

            Is the physical GovCo record retrieved by RR from GovCo (Title or Deed or original de jure parchment paper, etc.)?

            If the original isn’t destroyed, we produce a replacement.

            What potential conflict might arise if GovCo department does not recognize the RRDJ (as I necessarily suspect may be the case)?

            We don’t seek their approval or recognition. We are “de jure.” The living don’t seek permission from the dead.

            I have not sufficient funds to battle GovCo in such a dispute, nor do I believe I would win in the attempt, and of course, I’m not volunteering my property for any test case.

            Why would you battle them? Just prepare the documents, and that’s that.

            Is there legal certainty in a Real Property Title registration transfer to RR or not?

            I worked at the titles office for years when it existed. I dined with the Registrar of Titles and, for three years, I was the only private individual that held and used a state revenue office seal. I was also involved in the title conversion program from old law to TLA back in the 80s. I’m confident I’m the leading authority on replacement titles and what real registration looks like.

            That’s how I got the job as Steward. I’m the most qualified. 😁

            Land Title Transfer in to RRDJ Family Crest de Jure Trust

            If land is free of caveat, mortgage etc, then you make a Litigation Request through the RRDJ and request the land to be transferer to the RRDJ from GOVCORP.

            The RRDJ is equiped to handle conveyancing if buying land by a RRDJ Member, not a STRAW.

            Caveat on family home

            Just wondering about my home when I registered and become RR subject of Crown my home had caveat on it from then. How does RR caveat work say If they try to forclose on us ?

            What next in Tort suit against bank.

            No, we don’t place caveats on property… If you want you can lodge a caveat over the property currently in the name of the Trust.. if someone tries to transfer it behind your back the caveat will alert you and you will have 30 days to remove the caveat or file an action in the court…

            Strata Title issue with building inspection

            As per my understanding, I am part of owners corporation. The building defect report and fire safety inspection which strata decided is crucial for all units, they skipped us in both. I saw the report my unit is not in any report, when asked the same question in meeting one committee member said you are part of building so you are in report but that is metaphor.  I asked can you say it in court, she said no, then I said then thats a lame excuse. When I asked if you had gone for court case and by chance court approves , since you don’t have my unit in the report how do you think that any defects in my unit will be rectified on court orders as you don’t have it in any of the defect reports. She couldn’t answer it.

            I asked the same question from strata agent he forwarded me to defect auditor company and asked why my unit was not inspected and can we get it added in report, he said the strata committee gave a list of units they have inspected and my unit was not in it. They can do the inspection on added cost to which now strata has said no we are not doing any inspection.

            My say is when we are doing our part of paying levies why are we getting excluded from crucial inspection and how does strata committee deems that the unit they have skipped are 100% defectless.

            This looks like discrimination to me.

            Do you think I am right here and have any legal fight.      

            No, the committee has authority over the common land.. so lifts gardens, car parks etc… your unit is usually out of limits for them… you are the boss of your unit… they are under no obligation to do anything within your area… so it seems to me they complied with their restrictions and inspected other areas..   nothing stops you from doing your own report but if they incurred fees in performance of the duties then everyone in the complete must contribute to the payment…


            If you are buying property as a Royal Registry de Jure member, then have the Royal Registry de Jure as your conveyancer.

            Trading with other members in Royal Registry de Jure

            Trading wtih RRdJ members

            Each member will have a one-page ad with a link to their site or business. This platform will offer substantial incentives for members to use other members’ services and allow members to be paid directly through the registry gold accounts, thus avoiding the banking system entirely. It will serve as a secure trading platform for members to trade goods and services with one another. Members will benefit by avoiding the corporate trading platform along with all associated tariffs, taxes, rates, and charges, while also obtaining goods and services at discounted rates.

            Tradesmen – University Certified – TAFE Qualified etc

            If any RRDJ Member has a certificate of proof from a CORP Education Institution and prefers / wishes that qualification to be recognised / registered they can apply for a RRDJ University prior learning Certification Qualification, instead of the usual requirement to register with a GOVCORP Association before they can practice their trade, you can do it as a de jure private member instead.

            Rather than register with your industry Association, register with RRDJ instead. Any accreditation registered with GOVCORP and also be registered with us.

            Indicative Donation: $100 reg + $100 Admin for life.

            Email your Govcorp Educational Verification to RRDJ  VIC

            General Educational Tidbits

            BoE Legal reply if non acceptance and considering Litigation

            Can you think of a way to utilise the PN so that every case is a Litigation matter. They did default on the settlement day and they persist with demanding money with menace ignoring s48 of the BoE & UCC3-603. If a simple claim can be made against the non acceptance and their persistent claims of monies still over due afterwards?

            We give them a BoE  or PN… that should discharge the debt.. so you’re right there.

            They ignore and continue sending demands,  that’s a trespass but one wonders what if any damages the courts will award so suing might cost more than we get…


            If i give a creditor a cheque or request for settlement and they don’t accept then what claim do they have against me… where does it essay in the alleged agreement between them and me that i have to pay them in one manner or another and where do we lose our ability to call for settlement..  that’s the legal issue..

            PS we think you’re correct in your view that an offer to pay rejected vitiates the debt.. also is an offer to pay the full amount a CALDER V BANK  offer… If yes then suing you for a debt less than 10,000 will cost them money.

            Water cut off threat

            Does same apply with water bills, as they now threaten to put caveat on home if I don’t pay them?

            yes… your trust belongs to their registry not ours… so your trust must comply with the rules  of their registry..

            It’s called Trust  Law and it’s the same throughout the world… The objective of your registration is to now have assets accumulated in your living name and same for your children… also your rights are automatically reinstated … so going forward you’re safe,,, but that which belongs to the trust must obey the trust..

            Trespass result for Sanchia suing a cop for standing on her property

            I see the $18k remedy as a very small win and almost a finger in the face. I was of the understanding that trespass can come with $400k-$600k fines. 

            Depends on the damages proved.

            It is also interesting that the court suggested the following:

            While the High Court of Australia further ruled in 2008’s Kuru versus the State of New South Wales that “police officers have no special rights to enter land, except in cases provided for by the common law and by statute”.

            How does Statute have any bearing against Common Law Rights? Its completely different Jurisdiction is it not?  

            Correct… the court means, either there is a common law right or there is a statue right.. they are not saying there is a statute right, they are just saying  if  there is a statute right then ok… 

            I had/have 3 No Trespass signs up on my property and you can see the Police reading the signs and Council had also read it and then looked at each other laughed and waked right on into my place suggesting their warrant overrides my notice and my signs meant nothing to them.  

            Yes,  a warrant is a statute right… but the warrant can only be effective on corporate land… not common land or land in fee simply owned by a living man woman or  registered company…

            Discharging a debt, how?

            Q: Would like to thank you for the help to us the people – Commonwealth, keep up the excellent work !!! .
            Can you explain or guide me to the process of how, for instance discharging a invoice, say it’s a small company that is not govcorp what are the steps they have to take to balance it out ???

            A: Discharging a debt is done via a discharge document or a bill of exchange or a promissory note… they all work depending on the circumstances.

            How is the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 ours when no one is honouring it?

            Read it and draw your own conclusion. In law, it is what the Act, which is Royal Assented for the Commonwealth, says.

            The ‘Preamble’ states that we, the people, are the Commonwealth, all united as one, protected by the Royal Crown and Common Law of England. We, the people on the land, not the persons, are the superior jurisdiction above all others as God’s creations—men and women—on the land (because we are not fish, pirates, nor slaves to corporations operating in maritime law = UCC).

            The Preamble is for we, the people, placed in the highest authority as assented, ordered by the Royal Crown. The rest of it is the operations manual for the civil service who need to follow it to the letter; otherwise, they commit offenses against we, the people, and treason against the Royal Crown.

            Pursuant to the Crimes Act 1914 Cth section 13 and 8, it proves the power we have above all non-Commonwealth and Commonwealth servants.

            What we have today is corruption, fraud, treason, mass murder, and genocide going feral without accountability because the blueline doesn’t exist. The police are not ours; they are State Government thugs, militia, road pirates, policy enforcers. Refer to Crown Proceedings Act 1958 s23.

            How to pay with a Promissory Note

            The promissory note you sign has the same value as CASH

            Affidavit of Repudiation

            Steps to Take Before Using a Promissory Note (PN)

            Option One: Return to Sender (RTS) Unopened

            • For any mail you receive that you don’t want to pay out of pocket, use RTS unopened with LiP RTS labels.

            Option Two: Handle Opened Mail

            • If you open the mail, you own it and must deal with it as the agent for the trust name stated as the addressee.

            BoE Remittance or BoE Endorsement & Bank Method

            1. Cover Page & RTS: Use a Bill of Exchange (BoE) remittance or endorsement along with a cover page, then RTS.
            2. Stupid Letters: If you receive a nonsensical letter, either RTS Unclaimed or, if opened, mark a big “Z” on every page and send it back.

            Reminder Notices

            • 30 Days Later: If a reminder notice arrives ignoring your first bill return, use BoE again, following the initial step, and include a cover letter.
            • Repeat Steps: Continue to repeat the steps if you receive additional nonsensical letters.

            Promissory Note (PN) for Ignored BoEs

            • 60 Days Later: If the last two BoEs are ignored, use a Promissory Note, which is a different method from the BoE and is aimed at resolution.
            • Settlement Day: On settlement day, post the Notice of Tendered Settlement.
            • Proof of Funds: Ensure you can prove on a bank statement that you had the amount available for the PN due. This is crucial as the judge will check this before deciding that the debt is discharged by default.

            Promissory Note Specifics

            • The Promissory Note includes a $50 donation as nothing in life is free. This is acceptable under the BoE Act 1909.
            • This $50 donation covers the services you have received up to that point for free.

            Litigation and Documentation

            • No Guarantee: Using a PN does not guarantee that GovCorp will stop nor does it guarantee free litigation. You need to be prepared to fund any litigation services.
            • Setup for Fraud: LiP documents are designed to setup the other side for fraud they are committing, such as demanding money with threats, which are trespass offenses. Proper documentation is necessary to warrant a tort suit or civil claim for damages.

            Additional Instructions

            • RTS Unclaimed: Use RTS Unclaimed or LiP labels if unopened. If opened, mark a big “Z” on every page as per BoE Bank instructions.
            • Court Summons: If you receive a court summons, mark a big “Z” on it, RTS with an Affidavit of Fact or Abatement Notice, or attend the court day.

            Understanding Your Identity

            • Learn who you are. You are not the billed name; they are billing themselves. The “STRAWHAT” is State Government property, so they should be paying the bill for you.

            Big Z over every page of rubbish letters received

            meaning draw a big Z in either blue or red ink all over the page, covering it with the Z, then…

            Write on first page in Blue or Red Ink

            Write on every other page in Blue or Red Ink

            RTS (Return to Sender) their Rubbish. Nothing more to be said.

            Who is the creditor & debtor

            I’m starting to understand that when we sign something, it creates credit. Our signature allows an entity to draw on our labour, as represented by our Birth Certificate. The name itself is a giveaway; it’s not a “born” certificate but rather a shipping certificate, with “Birth” hinting at its true nature.

            We have accumulated a vast amount of credit simply by living and participating in commerce, and our actual signature generates money or credit. I appreciate how Mary explained this concept in her book, which I will share with you as well. The way you communicate is similar to hers, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you are familiar with her work.

            You have found the get out of jail card.

            bank assets

            Dealing with fines – Returning the demand – Webinar 13th June 2024

            Mike and Michael on Cop Stops – Webinar 28th May 2024

            Michael and Mike discuss Law vs Lore – Webinar 14th April 2024

            Mike & Michael discuss the steps to use Bills of Exchange – Webinar 18th Feb 2024

            Michael Rolf has quickly gained a reputation for helping people fight back against the rapacious demands being made by GovCorp. They discuss the steps to settling any debt with a Bill of Exchange.

            Stewards for the Royal Registry de Jure

            Where do I find a steward to process my application?

            Please find the list of available authorised representatives (stewards) of Royal Registry de Jure underneath: 

            Looking for a steward to process your Royal Registry application?

            How do I become a Steward of the Royal Registry de Jure?

            1. You must be de Jure registered as a man or woman. STRAWS can not be Stewards.
            2. Contact Michael-Rolf to swarm in as a Kingsman in the capacity of Steward for the RRDJ.
            3. A Warrant, Grant of authority, certificate, will be issued as Prima facie notarised.
            4. You will be added to website under REGISTER tab.
            5. As a Steward you will attract new applicants locally and Australia Wide if necessary.
            6. All Steward back each other up. If they are uncontactable or off line then another Steward is to step in and handle the client without question.
            7. Commission is $100 per application submitted and approved.
            8. You need a RRDJB Gold Investment Account to receive your commission. There is no point live in private if you keep using GOVCORP bank accounts telling them what you are earning. Follow the RRJB instructions you were supplied with your certificate.
            9. Most of all, do not misinform, provide personal opinions. Full disclose must be provided. If you don’t know the answer, ask me or Spiros direct via email so I can paste in to Q&A for everyone else to learn.
            10. Monitor and assist in ROYAL REGISTRY (LiP).
            11. EDIT your profile name to show your RR number.
            12. In all correspondences to RRDJ quote your de Jure Number and remove the surname from all GOVCORP email accounts.