Ideally make sure you are a RRDJ MEMBER with de Jure Notarised Certificate – use as Prima Facie Evidence.

Just repeat,.. my name is first-middle, a sui juris man, and beneficiary of the CAPITAL NAME summoned here to day. I have the right to remain silent so as not to act as surety and participate in this VOID AB INITIO. Until the name in writing is changed to a living man, i am merely an administrator in this CAPITAL NAME matter.

The administrator summoned will plead guilty to the facts only. However, the beneficiary forgives the administrator.

Until the Summoned CAPITAL NAME is corrected, the Beneficiary and his Authorised Representative, have no obligation to do as this Coram Non Judice demands, implied or stated, nor consent, joinder and act as surety in contract without full disclosure.

However… The Beneficiary will grant access to the Cestui Que Trust with the blessing of the CAPITAL NAMED ENTITY summoned, currently administered under the surety of the Prosecutor, as the TRUSTEE, for the following reason…

The Prosecutor has failed to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.

It is the Wish, Will and Pleasure of the Beneficiary to appoint the Prosecutor as TRUSTEE to negotiate the through-traffic, settle all liens, fines, forfeitures and charges, and return the remainder to the Beneficiary via Cashier’s / Bank Cheque.”

It is the Principal Beneficiary, Wish, Will and Pleasure for the Administrators of this Constructive Trust to perform its Fiducial Duties as required per the Trustee Act 1925 & Crimes Act 1900 No. 40 SECT 4 – Definitions, Trustee means trustee.

When ever they ask a question… you answer… I do not answer questions that may incriminate the honourable Beneficiary, With the Authority to Act on behalf of the Beneficiary, you the Trustees must perform your Fiducial Duties without delay and controversy.

Here is the court script in pdf for you, just download and print:

Court Script