We have submitted a PN for equipment.  We attended settlement etc and sent the second form as well.  Obviously they have made contact and said they don’t accept the PN but it was a weeks after settlement.  They sent debt collectors to my home and told them I had no contract with them etc.  They have threatened court and ive said “yep no worries”.  But i have not received anything to go to court.

Today, they have contacted my sons work chasing the equipment.  They contacted his boss.  My son is not involved with the loan at all and have no idea how they made contact with his boss.  He is not on any part of the loan and was not a reference check or anything. 

 Do you have any suggestions of what i do with this now.  I don’t want my son implicated with his work with this.

It’s an offence for recovery agents to discuss your affairs with third parties… you can proceed against them if you like..  also you can contact the regulatory body that deals with abuses and report it… but if you have good evidence then a lawsuit might be the best result.

What is the regulatory body that deals with this.  Tonight our neighbour had a phone call asking her if she lived next door to us and ask if she knows me.  She asked what it was about but they just said they can’t discuss details.  She has no idea how they got her phone number.  They said they looked it up but she is unsure how.

What do you call good evidence for a lawsuit?






that’s the minimum..