Litigation Enquiry

Litigation Enquiry

Please ensure to complete the Litigation Request Form thoroughly, disclosing all pertinent information obtained from GOVCORP.

It's crucial to emphasise that waiting until you're facing legal action to seek assistance is ill-advised. By then, it may be too late for litigation to be effective, as the defense process must have concluded, including obtaining a Judicial Verdict.

Litigation acts solely on your behalf as the "Attorney of Fact." To initiate Litigation Assistance, a contract agreement and Power of Attorney are necessary. For defense support, it's suggested to consult experienced LIP Members.

If you wish to proceed immediately, a free consultation will be required to access the viability of the litigation. Please tick the following statement in the your Litigation Form: "I request immediate litigation assistance and agree to provide a deposit of $5k."

Chronologically detail the trespass events along with any actions undertaken by GOVCORP employees. 

After the litigation department has assessed your enquiry and found it to be a possibility for litigation, the following fee schedule applies:

The deposit for Litigation is $5000, with an additional 15% of the settlement amount. We handle all paperwork lodgement on your behalf.

Keep in mind, the initial investment / deposit for your civil claim for damages, tort suit settlement can finance future litigation.

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If we require more information we will advise. 

If we require documentation we will request it from you.