Live in Private FAQ (2)

To Cancel any type of Document including Court Verdicts, Summons, Fines, Bail, Council Rates etc is the following:

  1. Page 1 – Fix a stamp in top right corner on page 1.
  2. Draw a line from stamp to bottom left corner.
  3. Write in red ink the following as well:
  4. Refusal For Cause.
  5. This document is Fraud Ab Initio.
  6. Defendant Charged & Sentenced CAPITAL NAME is a WORDMARK, Fiction Entity, a Trust Name
  7. As the Benefactor & Principle Equitable Beneficial Named Estate Trust Title Holder,  I do not consent to contract.
  8. By :FirstName: Not the Trustee.
  9. UCC1-308 & UCC1-103
  10. Page 2- a big Z covering every other page corner to corner and write “Refusal For Cause” with “Autograph” again.

All red ink. Lose the Surname, it isn’t yours, its theirs, their verdict of guilt is on them, they are the trustee.

We have compiled a comprehensive document on this subject. It would be too big to display in these FAQ. However we invite you to follow this link to find it.

A Royal Subject is a Beneficiary of the CQ Trust, our existence gives birth to that Public trust to exist. 

The problem is evildoers usurped us from access and kept it for themselves to gain benefit, to enrich themselves via deception, making us all criminals before proven innocent.

The system they created to hide their fraudulent practice makes us their slave and them our slave masters by ignorant consent, and mass social acceptance by the ignorant people amongst us. Like sheep.

Prima Facie evidential fact supercedes all benefit of the doubt and presumption. Until now, no one had hard evidence which is what a Notarised seal is. It is superior to a crown seal. The hand of God notary seals your document stating to every Coram non judice, you are not part of their club nor obligated to do as they say by their legislation, acts, rules, mandates etc.

In other words if they act dishonourable towards a Royal Subject S3, 4, they are committing offence against the Commonwealth s24, 34, 43, 75 and you hold the superior jurisdiction as section 13 and then s8. All sections refer to  Crimes Act 1914 Cth.

We are the Commonwealth as per preamble  in the Constitution 1901.

We the people are the law, not GOVCORP.

Please note: You need to be registered with the Royal Registry de Jure first before you can add your assets.

  1. Fillout RRDJ AUTO REGISTRATION FORM and donate $100 per plate + $100 Admin. This is a One off for life for that car, Trailer, Plane etc. in your possession/ownership, 
  2. RRDJ will order your plates and they will arrive in the mail at your chosen address.
  3. Once received, replace GOVCORP plates with RRDJ plates and either do the following:

a) Return plates to GOVCORP, sending them together with their form which in most cases you can find online (Cancelling plates).

b) Personally hand in your number plates.

Make sure you have in writing a receipt or printout confirming their is no claim for GOVCORP over your RRDJ private property.

Sui Juris man or woman, Royal Subject, People (beneficiary) is not an Artificial Entity, Australian citizen (Person).

Summoned to Court!! Present a copy of the Certificate in court and announce the following;

“I have an interest in this matter, by limited Special Appearance in the capacity of the Beneficiary as this prima facie evidence shows”,

“Since jurisdiction is attached to the artificial legal person NAME and not a living man or woman, it is a criminal offense committed by the prosecution & its client, who are overly officious in instigating or encouraging prosecution of groundless litigation”.

“All employees of this coram are on notice to perform its fiduciary duty honourably or it will be answerable for offences against the Commonwealth”. 

“I order this coram to award financial liquidated compensation to this Royal Subject standing before you,  who is a victim of the Prosecution and its claimant – section 35, Giving false testimony & Section 36,  Fabricating evidence, not limited to the misconduct by everyone concerned in this matter”. Refer to Crimes Act 1914 Cth.

Use Abatement Notice on Lipforms together with a copy of RRdJ Certificate.

When you have a RRDJ Notarised Cert, you are a Royal Subject as far as the Coram non judice is concerned. You can use the Abatement Notice in LIP, attach copy of your cert, send it to the court declining their summons for the Artificial Trust Account Name and stay home ignoring the nonsense.

You will find a list of stewards on the Royal Registry de Jure website or

contact Petra through this online form for help or to make an appointment

Three in a trusttrustee, executor, beneficiary.

Each can have different name however the role of each in a trust remains the same. In addition you can have Administrators not part of the three however contribute to the admin of that trust.

Beneficiary has no liability, it’s a living entity, can’t be heard, seen or communicated with.

Executor makes the instructions for the Trustee how, when to settle and discharge the matter so the beneficiary benefits, not the trustee nor Executor. These two are liable for trust damage.

Beneficiary must be an executor, benefactor, grantor (STRAW) if it is to instruct the Trustee the best outcome for Beneficiary’s benefit.