I have this other issue… I need to compile a document. When I went to court I wote a letter asking to Dismiss because of the fraud I discovered, however, this all went  badly and I ended up with no fines or record but a 3 year probation , which, this is null and voided due to CQV and now I found out that in 1924 an act that gives parliment, courts and police powers is null and void because there was no proper seal on the act to enforce it, which means they havent actually had any power for 100 years… Anyhow, I’m not sure the best way to put all this into a document asking for full honest disclosure of CQV, resign from trustee, and note that probation is null and voided. Then do I sent to judge, AG and GG. should this all be in a full affidavit? I had already in Feb told the judge must disclose because of cannon 2057, which, was obviously completely ignored no wanting to admit fraud…

Badly for who, govcorp?… You are correct. It’s  a win. The public person got of free which means you the sui juris has as well. 

Stop joindering to the name, it isn’t your responsibility to defend their wordmark property, the person. It isn’t yours to care about.

It’s a win, enjoy the victory, you can sue for trespass.