This enquiry is to do with my first summons and court hearing which was on Friday 14th. Magistrate didnt allow me to finish speaking when I started my Without prejudice, we reserve all rights to not be compelled etc. Cut me off and threatened to call security on me if I didnt leave his courtroom, so didnt get to state who I was at all, just went straight into my statement that I state on the record that I will sit and observe the remainder of the hearing to ensure you perform your fiduciary duty over the Estate trust summoned as I have a limited special appearance interest.  ok 

He continued to talk over me so not sure if that would have been dictated for the record?  ok

I received a 2 year cancellation of licence and a fine.  no you didnt,   your incorporated trust did… and rightfully so.

So, Michael says I can either appeal or annul or sue him for ex parte, reason of error in law, error in fact. But says I should start with the officer first then work up..what about Fines Vic who have ignored all BoE and letters and actually caused this harm?   

You really have no case but as executor of your incorporated trust you could sue.. but we would have to prove some sort of damage.

Advice would be appreciated.  

My advice is,  stop confusing yourself with your trust… the gov corp folk can only deal with your trust and really have nothing to do with you now… there is no need to be combative unless someone interferes with you… then it’s on like donkey kong…😁