1. You said you can manage my case, but seeing you mentioned your partly retired are you allowed by them to represent me, and register on their portal as my barrister.

No, they won’t permit one to appear for you in their system… But you are free to appoint an attorney of your choosing to manage the case… but not represent your Trust in a courtroom.. that you will need to do yourself as the administrator of your trust… Remember you’re not in a case, your trust is…

2. When do I send you all the documents so we can chat to go over our court plan and how you want to tackle this financial part of the 3 to 4 day case, OR do you register as my barrister and download the documents you need from the portal. MATTER IS SAID TO GO FOR 3 TO 4 DAYS WITH WITNESSES FOR MONEY OWING, AND OUR TESTIMONY AND CROSS EXAMINATION.

We can appear for your trust

3. Can I do RRDJ registration of my land (currently in my straw name, loan ONLY in my straw name) or house (building loan in both names, me and Ex),

If I do this does it protect me?

No and no and protect you from what?

How do we do it, does it stop them taking it?


4. I have to appeal his reasons for dismissing my application to prove his authority and jurisdiction as he has lied and I cannot accept his lies.

Can you check over the document once I finish it this week, to make sure it’s ok before I send it in.

We are not sure what your case is… what authority? etc… They are a corporation acting as trustees and your trust is in their system…

5. In his reasons (I sent you previously) he said I can apply to the high court for his oath?

Can you direct me how to get a Writ of Mandamus and what is needed, as per his reasons for dismissal. 

The Writ of Mandamus only applies to civil servants… corporations are not civil servants..

6. Can you explain how judges can be a corporate judge, when Clause 5 binds everyone together to adhere to the laws of the Constitution, and then HCA10 (1956) backs it up and states no resort can be made to a judicial power unless in or under conformity with s71-80 of The Constitution Act.   

Corporations have their own constitutions. They are not bound but another. That’s a misunderstanding most people are under… until you get that corporations only comply with UCC and not common Law you and everyone else will continue to beat your heads upon a brick wall…

Sorry to ask matey, I just need to plan my attack as I will lose my house if I don’t act and have it all sorted. 

You should reconsider your actions… your logic is flawed.. you’re setting sail on  a leaky ship…patch it up first…